Monday, March 29, 2010

Trigger Finger Anyone??

You know if it's not one thing with me it's another! So awhile ago at work, we moved offices and one of the things that had to eventually happen is files had to be put away. The ones we have can be heavy and I overworked my right arm to the point where I couldn't file anymore and begged coworkers to help me out.

While I took a rest, because hubby had just had surgery, given the snowstorm and the shoveling I tried to spare him from, I now am the proud owner of new aches and pains! I can't lift or move much with my right arm due to "tennis elbow" which basically means my tendons are really bad and as the Dr says...imagine an overstretched rubber band...that is your tendon.

Also, the middle finger on my left hand locks up and I have to physically straighten it. Woo Hoo! If it doesn't get better in a month or so I am going to have to go back for injections and if THAT doesn't

Oh and did I mention carpel tunnel in both arms? Deep sigh....if you look at me I'm a sight...brace on right elbow...splint on middles finger and gloves that don't allow my wrists to bend....~~~~I feel pretty...oh so pretty....~~~~~

With all of that being said, I thank you in advance for your understanding why I have not been around too much, but even so, I have been taking some time here and there to make new files including...get ready now...DIGI STAMPS!

I'm really proud of my first two and I'm hoping they will be up in the store soon (they are getting proofed to make sure there are no issues with them first before I unleash them to the world LOL!)

This is my first one which I called Happy Girl. I'm sure you can see why. While many of you would normally cut them out by hand, the neat thing about all of the digi files you purchase from Paperthreads is that they include the cut lines so all you crafters with cutters won't have to pull out a pair of scissors! That's right, they are available in all of the formats: .GSD, .AI, .KNK, .WPC & .SVG!

Also there are additional pieces within the file in case you want to use pop up dots to give the image a more 3-D look as you can see in my closeup below (the flowers, happy girl's body and the balloon.

Now I'm not someone who knows when to say stop so when you look at my second one (Fairy Princess) you will see all of the different options that will be included in the file so you can use it as a Princess alone OR as a Fairy Princess....I picture her to be able to be used in so many ways!

The files come with high quality JPG and PNG (300DPI) files. While I haven't made the cards yet, here is a sneak peak:
Well anyway, it's getting to be bedtime (I know it's only 8 pm but that's what happens when you have to wake up at 4:30 am for work!)
Also, I have big news but have to officially wait to announce it for a few more days! Take care everyone and let me know if you think I'm going the right direction with the stamps!