Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July Freebie

I figure if I start the title with a freebie you will all forgive my poor showing of many many moons! So much going on that when the day ends the last thing I think to do is log on and blog. Started working on weight loss and got down 25 lbs and then up 5 so I need to get back into the game. I think part of the problem is that I see it going so well that I think I can sneak some not good for me foods back into the mix a little and then they seem to takeover. Also while I was doing great exercising, I got lazy and really stopped.

That's kind of how it has been for a lot of things (including designing) but I am trying to get better...really I am

To get myself motiviated (and after seeing the price of t-shirts for the 4th of July at $ 10+) I bought myself a blank shirt at Joanne's (they are on sale this week 3 for $9) and decided to use the "FABRIC BLADE" I had purchased from Michelle at the last retreat, and make myself my own Patriotic shirt. I also had some fat quarter fabric stash as well as other sundries which helped keep the cost down! Now for those of you who don't currently have this blade, you can use your own sharp heavy duty one, but if you are thinking about making lots of appliques, this is a must have for your collection as it really made a quick job of it with no fraying!

Also, as we have a few days before the big day, I went ahead and created the file in all of the formats to share with all of you in case you want to make shirts for you and your families. It's a simple varsity letter set up and you can even make assembly line style...I think total time to make was 20-25 minutes (so you really have no excuse LOL!)

I also went ahead and created a YouTube video as well so you can see exactly how I put it together for those of you who are more visually here are the materials you will need:


Fabric (top and bottom layer if you want the Varsity Letter look...if you want just the letters one piece of fabric will do)

Double Stick Fusible Web


Not needed but you know me I like a little bling:

Heat set Rhinestones & Setter (Or a BeDaZzLEr!)

Important! Please wash all of your fabric and Tshirt before starting...this will remove any sizing and preshrink so you have no heartaches in the future.

Now while I did this on my KNK, the idea is the same for all of your personal cutters. Just follow your directions and you will be cutting and showing off soon enought too! Hope you enjoy the video and get some use and inspiration and make some fun shirts for you and your family!