Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What 2 Posts in the SAME WEEK??

First off, I want to thank everyone for the nice comments on the blog and the emails. I thought maybe you had all given up on me LOL!

I keep thinking 2010 has to be better than 2009! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we all have first and foremost Family and Love and then right up next to it Health! I had my scares last year and now it seems it's my DH's turn. I keep hearing that God doesn't give you more than you can handle, and I guess in the big scheme of things I can't complain, but sometimes I just cry "uncle"!

For all of you who having difficulties of any kind, just know that I keep you all in my thoughts and nightly prayers, that we all feel lifted and supported in our times of need and that we may all get through all of the problems we have, whether large or small.

I also don't forget to say Thanks for all of the good things in my life :)

My DD got her grades a few weeks ago and happily she has "officially" earned her AA degree in general studies. After 2 more semesters she will add to that her AA degree in Culinary and Hospitality. Once she finishes, she will move on to specialize in Pastry and Baking and is looking at schools all over the country...hopefully not too far away!

My job, which I have officially started on year 12, is still going well, and I got a wonderful review. It is a blessing that I have good bosses and I enjoy my job. I still have my 4 - 10 hour day schedules which I am truly thankful for as it allow Hubby and I our "Monday Date Day".

As I mentioned, my Mom just celebrated her birthday and is wonderful and vibrant! I just spent last Sunday with her and my camera, video taping her answering questions about the family background and hearing stories of how my grandparents met, etc. I wish I had done this with my Dad before he passed away, because I can't remember all the names of people and family long gone and don't really have a way to find them now.

While I was at my Mom's I came home with a couple of HUGE boxes of family photographs! I am going to have to set some time on the weekend and put up a large card table in the basement and with the help of my kids (hint hint) set up a scanner and just start saving them all! I even found pics of my Dad in boot camp! The funny thing about this pic is that ALL his friends are in the same cheesecake pose in their tents. On the back in my Dad's writing it says "R&R Rest and Relaxation" then it says NOTE: cleanliness & order LOL! Anyway, I'm going to look forward to seeing everything and then have to make a decision exactly how I'm going to save since nothing has dates argh!

Finally, I have been a very good girl! I have just finished uploading not 1, not 2 or 3 but 4 Easy Thank You Card Fronts! I also put them all together in a collection for those of you who can't decide which ones you like best and like to save a little money!

Now that the holidays have come, I'm sure you all have a bunch of Thank You notes to send! I know I do!

You can find them individually by clicking on the following links:





The link for the collection is here EC00121

All of the card fronts are available in the following formats: .GSD, .AI, .KNK, .WPC & .SVG!

If you have any questions, specific requests, or just want to say hello you know you can always leave me a comment or send an email!

Thank you all for your Patience and Support!


Monday, December 28, 2009

She's Alive!!!

Ok, so while I started a number of times to update my blog, somehow something always got in the way and I never got back. What is that saying, Plans are what you make but Life is what this case no truer words have been said.

We celebrated my Mom's "??" birthday early November and we were joined by friends and family to share a wonderful meal and fellowship. My brother flew in from the other side of the world (WA state) so my mom enjoyed the company of her 3 children and her 6 grandchildren (no great grandchildren yet and believe me no rush on that either LOL!)

We held it at a local golf clubhouse and had a very yummy meal finished off by a delicious birthday cake my daughter made just for the occasion.

Thanksgiving came and it had been a year since my little "TIA" heart incident. You know I started stressing as the day came closer that I might have another one, but thankfully all is well.

I have an follow up appointment with the cardiologist soon and I'm hoping I get a clean bill of health. My office had a move and while my heart survived, my back didn't. Packing up boxes in preparation for the move really did a number on it. After having the whole family up, I spent Thanksgiving night all the way through the following Monday night flat on my back. The pain was horrible! It still twinges from time to time, but it almost feels back to normal. Note to more lifting ANYTHING heavy...especially around the holidays!!!

The major Winter Storm hit us with a vengance as with so many others on the East Coast. We ended up with a little over 2 feet of snow which hubby and I two days to clear off the paths and driveways. I will admit, it really was beautiful! Here are a couple of pics so you can see how nice it looked!

Christmas came too quickly and for some reason I just couldn't find the spirit, try as I might. We got the tree up, stockings hung and the Nativity out but I still had problems. December is always a bit rough since we lost my Dad all those years ago on December 12th, but normally I do ok....not sure what was different this year but I sure do hope I don't have it happen again.

My sister asked me that this year instead of buying gifts for the kids if I could do some vinyl art for their walls. Now understand, my nephew is a MAJOR Star Wars fan and my niece is really into Fairies. Took me a bit but here is what we ended up with:

Finally, in anticipation of the New Year I have decided to start working on my list. This is what I have so far:

  • Try to give only compliments
  • Visit my Mom more frequently
  • Update my blog at least once a week
  • Create and upload at least 2-3 files a month
  • Work on scrapbook layouts for the TONS of photos I have
  • Scan all the photographs I currently have housed in boxes and bags
  • Continue going to the gym on a weekly basis
Now this list is only a start and it's what I would LIKE to do (LOL!) Let's see how it goes.

Anyway, that's about it for now and I will have more to share as the New Year gets closer.