Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well I went to JoAnne's.... with my DMS (Darling Middle Son) who is looking for what they call "fashion" belt buckles for a leather project he is creating (though a lot smaller than what he has been able to locate) and on the way out we came across the "classroom" area in the back where I saw an associate unpacking a Cricut Cake machine and looking through the manual etc.

We chatted a bit and she told me she is going to be doing a demo this weekend when they unveil it and I asked her if they had any of the accessories in, like the cutting mat. She got on her little intercom ear walkie talkie I'm connected to the store thingy and called and sure enough they were in...just not out to the public yet. I guess I looked disappointed because she told me to stay still and she went to the back and brought it out to for $ 12.99 (I had forgotten my 40% off coupon...Darn!) I am now the proud owner of the 2 pack of mats.

They have the same feel as the regular mats(consistency and textured back) but have concentric circles on the front starting at 2" and going out to 12", 12" x 12" grid, but do not have any adhesive on the front (which makes sense...duh LOL!) It is also labeled as being made with "Food-Safe" materials. They also have an "odd" smell.

Cutting gumpaste is actually one of the things I want to work on doing to help my DD in case she needs any decorations for the cakes she has been making. Normally she cuts everything out by hand or using a fondant cutter, but this might also be a good option for her as well. I have a gumpaste recipe that is purported to work excellently with the Cricut machine so I'll give it a go and you know me, will share the outcome when I actually get it made.

Nothing much else going on...I'm really looking forward to Friday and getting some things done around the house, but mostly relaxing and maybe watching a movie or two. The 2 dogs and 1 CaDog are doing well. Maybe if the weather stays nice we'll get out for a ride but as always, it's one of those whim things.

Oh...just got a coupon from my Most Favorite Massage Guy in the mail....I think it's a hint....I might just have to call him and take him up on it THAT really gives me something to look forward to LOL!

Anyway, stay safe everyone!

Eddita :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nope, Na-Ahhh, Not at All !!!

Patience really seems a bit over-rated to me....I HATE looking at Christmas presents under the tree and not be able to open or rattle them around, I don't like that my DH refuses to play 100 questions (truthfully) after he tells me he got me something, I never can wait and always pull brownies out of the pan before they are truly ready and I will admit it here and now...I sometimes can't wait to bake the chocolate chip cookies so I just go ahead and eat the dough raw!

::::Sounds of huge Gasps can now be heard in the background!:::::

So you may ask, what started all of this? Simple....I caved....I gave in....I did it....I uploaded a file to my Quarterly Membership Club which doesn't officially start for 3 more days!

Of course it doesn't help that I have no strength or fortitude and give in very easily to peer pressure (and can I tell you....the gals who have already signed up are pretty good at needling and breaking my resolve to wait!)

As they all expounded the virtues of NOT being patient, I thought about a lot of different images that convey the word and actually had one sketched, but somehow didn't think it was too I couldn't imagine how anyone would use the file...Picture this, a man crawling through a desert while a vulture watches from a cactus, I mean it really doesn't say "Happy Birthday"...unless maybe its for an "over the hill" card??? Hmmmm....may have to rethink that one bahahahaha!

In any case, as I was staring at G-Pup it came to me! Cats are some of the most patient creatures I have seen. Dogs not so much....well mine at least. They see something they want and they start immediately jumping around and barking....Guinness...he will wait...and watch...and wait....for a lllloooonnnngggg time before pouncing!

So there you are...if you have joined the membership get on over to the forum and download the file....if you haven't joined, what are you waiting for? Just go to the pic in the top left column and click on will take you right to the store.

You I'm finishing this up I just realized....since this REALLY isn't the first file for the membership and merely a "PLUS" one, I AM Patient....oh yea...I am!

Night everyone
Eddita :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tornado Siren, Sneak Peek and New Quick & Dirty

This is going to be a long read, so make sure you're comfy and relaxed and enjoy :)

Every time we go to Sam's club they always have fresh great looking bags of mussells. My daughter commented how delicious they are and how she learned to make them in culinary and I told her I had never had them. I know my Mom loves them so we decided we would visit her and take along the makings. I thought about buying them in advance, but I wanted fresh......

So, after my daughter finished making her fondant (for the new cake she has been commissioned) we headed out to Sam's...guess what...No Mussells!

I said that's ok...we can drive down the hightway and get off at one of the exits where I know there is a big grocery store which is perfect because we also need crusty bread....well guess what....they were working on renovations and there was NO Seafood Dept which means NO MUSSELLS!!!

See my frantic little guy in my QMC ad? That's how I am feeling. Then I remember there is another big grocery store in a shopping center behind where we were and this time NO Grocery Store! Well there was one but ALL Indian food ALL the time....We were getting ready to get back on the highway when my daughter spied a Safeway and so we got in there and Finally....Mussells....she asked the doof (I mean young guy behind the counter) when they came in and he (the doof) told us that was hard to tell but we said we would take 2 bags. We finally got out of there and headed to my mom's. Got there...Amber started cleaning them only to find almost 1/2 were dead or had broken shells so were unusable....argh! Did I say doof??? I meant liar liar pants on fire!

Well, when all was said and done , she prepared what was left perfectly. I really enjoyed them and now wonder why I never have picked them when we go eat seafood...note to self...mussells are yummy! In any case, we enjoyed the wonderful food and helped organize a little around the house and then after visiting came home. With me I brought 2 boxes of family photos...I'm going to have to go through them (along with the others I have) and then DH is going to set up a table and I'm going to start scanning....but that will be for another day!

This is where the Tornado Siren comes in....

::::and now a word from our sponsors:::::

Just click on the membership club image on the top left column or on this link and it will take you right where you can purchase over 20 files for a mere $ 10 that is TEN dollars! That's read right...all file types all the time...AI, .GSD, .WPC, .KNK and .SVG! Don't miss out or Delay!

:::::we now return you to your regularly posted blog::::::

So the ride home is pretty uneventful...I'm traveling about 65 and the roads and not backed up. I call my hubby and tell him we are on our way. He warns us to be careful because things have been dicey at home. Now understand, where we live it's pretty safe from harm as we have some small mountains surrounding us that keep most of the bad things's not like we live in the Midwest where areas can be flat and susceptible.

I hang up and tell my daughter what he said and commented that it was odd as we were still about 30 minutes out and while overcast skies, I could see hints of blue in the sky and no rain....well, that should teach me to open my sooner had the words left my lips that all of a sudden the skies started to go from overcast to medium gray, to dark gray, to almost black gray (reminded me of the various colormate paper hues!) and the winds started buffeting and the rain starts to pour! There is nothing I hate more than to drive in the dark IN the rain but there I was. When I say rain it's not a "Singing in the Rain" kind of rain...we are talking sheets. My daughter and I sat straight up, I turned on my flashers, downshifted and hit my brakes a couple of times so that the guy behind us would back off. We're cruising at a steady 10-15 mph and passing tons of cars that had pulled off on the shoulder. We were in it for 15-20 minutes when it finally let up. That's about the time I remembered to start breathing again. A little while later we pull in the driveway and are greated with hugs. I told hubby how worried I had been and he told me that had been the whole day here...and not only that, that the Tornado Sirens had been going off.

I said the what? and he reitereated the Tornado Sirens. I told him I didn't know we had any and he said that neither had he! They went on for a good 10 minutes and they were loud enough that he said you would think they were going on in the house! The dogs were freaked out, he was checking the weather and saw the boxes appear on the map. He tried to round them up to go to the basement and couldn't find the G-Pup who had bailed and was hiding somewhere. Then all of a sudden he said, the sirens stopped. Phew disaster averted though I keep hearing fire truck and ambulance sirens all around right now.

I guess if I had a choice I would much rather hear "sorry mussells" than Tornado Sirens! for the Sneak Peak....

the other day Sue (aka baracudasue) sent a request on the forum for playground equipment. I just had to write her and give her not just a hint but a little more of one of the files that will be included in my QMC starting in May titled "Playground Fun".

She sent me not only a pic of the file she cut out but also shared her layout with me....are you ready???

I'm sure she will post her layout to the forum where you can get a better look, but I think she did a wonderful job! I love how she made the swings look like they were moving in mid air, and while it may be hard to see, she put glitter on the slide which made it sparkle in that way that tells you that you are about to burn the skin right off your legs LOL! Thank you Sue!!!

Now where I am...oh yea, that's right a New Quick and Dirty!

Not sure if you noticed, but in the left column you will see a picture of a file with the word "Love". If you click on the image it will take you to my latest YouTube video. It's a quick way to add shadows to your vinyl wall lettering. It's been such a long time since I created one that it took me a lot of trials and errors before getting it right. For those who like to have a file with a tutorial, right below is the sample I used for the video in all of the formats...maybe some of you will be able to use it....simple enough to enlarge, just make sure you do it all at the same time! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.'s almost 9pm, my fingers are about to fall off, I'm making big yawny noises and I'm about to turn into a pumpkin.

Until next time!
Eddita :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Do you know how hard it was to not say anything??

Now however it's official and actually up in the store! Just click on the membership club image on the top left column or on this link and it will take you right where you need to go to purchase!

So now you can understand why it's been awhile since I actually uploaded a file to the store LOL! It really takes a lot of time to create 20 PLUS files but in the end I hope you are going to enjoy them and be able to use them.

Now I understand that not every file will be for everyone, but really, at less than 50 cents a file I'm sure you will be happy in the end LOL!

All my files will include ALL the cutting formats: .GSD, .AI, .KNK, .WPC and .SVG and there is also going to be a little bit of everything including cutting files, 3D objects, cards, vinyl and a sprinkling of digi stamp.

Now for a completely random thought...I really dislike when Easter is in the beginning of the month....I guess it's because I look forward to holidays and when too early it just throws me off. It makes the month seem really long. That's it...just my random thought LOL!

Looks like there may be a slim chance of sunshine before the rain sets in. Not sure what our plans are but I'm not really feeling yardwork! I really should dig and clean out the garden bed (and mind you it's NOT that hard to do I'm just being really lazy!) I think maybe its the odd temps that have been going on and knowing that rain's coming in soon doesn't make me want to just run outside...well that and the fact that my allergies have been killing me!

I've watched a few netflix movies lately but NONE that I could say "wow that was good let me recommend to you". Truth is that lately it seems that everything I watch that I think has potential basically just fizzles. I checked one out called "I Hate Valentines Day" because it was done by the gal who did "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and it starred her (Nia Vardalos) and brought back someone I enjoy watching (John Corbett). She also wrote and directed it....It was DREADFUL!!! Normally I can come up with something nice to say, but in this instance, all I can think is there went 98 minutes I will never get back. From the writing, acting and directing...just horrible. is something nice...the concept was cute, there you go...that's all there is LOL!

When my firends and I talk movies and it comes to really bad ones they think I'm crazy to watch the whole thing through, as does my DH though he says he stays because he enjoys having me curled up with him on the couch. It comes down to this, if someone has taken the time to write something and actually gotten someone to buy into it and put money in it and then create the screenplay, hire the actors, film it etc and I pick it out, then I should watch it all the way through...good or bad. I feel the same way with books...I keep plodding through no matter how long it takes...I guess it's the small part in me that is rooting them on and hoping it's going to get better....sometimes it does but that is very rare these days LOL!

Also, it seems there is nothing new out there! I just saw a commercial the other day for a movie called "Death at a Funeral". Now unless you are one that enjoys foreign films you would read the synapsis and think...sounds funny. The truth is though this is a remake of a 2007 UK film by the same title, they just used American actors...why?!!! The original is funny! The preview for this newest bit of Hollywood, not so much.

This is the same for a number of other movies I really enjoyed that were butchered when remade here (because again Hollywood doesn't have any original ideas)

The first is "Shall We Dance". This is a very cute Japanese Film (with subtitles) from 1995. There was so much emotion and humor in this, it really made you fall in love with the characters and get a glimpse of life and the yearn for happiness. The remake years later with Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere was horrible and flat.

Another I can think of is a wonderful German Film (again with subtitles) from 2001 called Mostly Martha or Bella Martha. This is a fantastic film and you FEEL how much this woman lives for cooking and are swept up in it as she becomes the ward of her neice and enjoy watching her life turn upside down. This is the original movie that the movie No Reservations with Catherine-Zeta-Jones was based on...again sub-par.

OK, that's my rant for the day...holidays that start early in the month (though that was really more just a random thought) and how bad a particular movie was and while I didn't think I had any movies to suggest to you, I found that in fact I have 3 very good ones!

Ok everyone, have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Shoot Me Now!

Those are not my words but surely what Toby is thinking!

He had some kind of cyst on his leg that finally burst but he just can't seem to stop licking it! We finally took him to the vet who gave us a medication to put on it 3 times a day along with some bitter apple which is "supposed" to taste horrible and therefore stop good 'ol Toby....I say "supposed" because the bassett hound in him didn't get the memo and he's still licking!

Luckily (though he might look at it as Un-luckily) we have one of those "Cones of Shame" from a prior surgery one of the fur-kids had so I just popped it on him. Doesn't he look happy?!

Daisy and Guinness are both concerned about him now. Well mostly Guinness...Daisy is kind of freaked out about the whole thing and is staying as far away from him as possible....maybe she thinks whatever he has is catching.
Guiness on the other hand has been going up to him and giving him little kitty kisses. Doesn't he look like he's telling him not to worry, it's going to be all right?
It's funny, but Toby was really the most gentle dog when we first found the G-Pup at 8 weeks old. He was the most loving and nuturing surrogate Dad I had ever seen...Daisy on the other hand is pure squirrel and couldn't calm down or be trusted...she is much better now though.

I think that Guinness really loves Toby and it's nice to see that when Toby is hurting, Guinness is there to kiss him and make him feel better.

I've been watching and the G-Pup keeps going up to Toby and grooming him and using his paws to pet his nose...with that kind of attention things can only get better for Toby.

I'm hoping that his leg will heal sooner than later so that we can remove that horrible cone, but for right now it's really the best thing for him.

That's about it for now, but whenever you start feeling bad about something, just think of Toby and thank YOUR lucky stars you don't have to wear a cone!

Eddita :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bittersweet Day

We received a call Friday from the husband of one of my friends to let us know that Eveline had passed away. I got to know her years ago when she first came to work part time at the same company I am with. She had a wonderful spirit and a wicked sense of humor!

She was diagnosed about 8 years ago with breast cancer at the age of 57 and while she was able to work for awhile, she eventually left. Happily, the friendship continued. After the treatments and various checkups it appeared her cancer had gone into remission and we all celebrated. Sadly a couple of years later, the cancer reoccured in her spleen and traveled on from there. She kept fighting and going to treatments and for awhile there it was believed she was only going to get better as after each battle, things seemed to clear up and go into remission.

She never let the cancer affect her life or change the way she lived it. She continued to travel all over the world visiting family in Eastern Europe, going to Fatima with her sister, being a major part of the sodality at her church and most importantly being a wife, mother, and grandmother. The only complaint she had was that she could not drive in the last years and hated feeling like she had to depend on this case the anyone was her husband who was there for everything, happy or sad.

Her funeral was a lovely full Catholic service and the church was full. It reminded me a lot of my father's (which of course only brought out more tears from me). It's always the songs that get me and of course just flipping through them brought the tissue out in my hand at the ready. Here I am Lord...On Eagles Wings.... How Great Thou Art are just a few of the ones they chose.

My memories of Eveline will always be her laughter, the fact that she didn't let things get her down, all her stories and her piggie collection (including a very naughty pair of salt and pepper shakers that had to be put away when children were around). I said she had a wicked sense of humor!

So, after coming home, it was time to look ahead and to that end my lovely daughter and I worked on her Graduation/Birthday Party invites. It's a file I created awhile ago and have been tweeking here and there and will be part of my upcoming membership (hint hint).

We used the school colors (green and yellow for the girl graduate) and did it assembly KNK was on overdrive in the background cutting out main pieces and backgrounds while my daughter was adhearing them together. In the meantime I was cutting out backgrounds and putting the invite portion inside each the end when all was said and done we had finished 30 in a little over 2 hours! Now to get them all off into the mail and wait for RSVPs.

She said she didn't realize how long it was going to take and it was good to know for when it came time to do wedding invites....HUH?!?!?!!!! She then clarified and said not anytime soon...just for the future....PHEW!

Today is my day to play catch up and I'm going to work on a couple of things but wanted to respond to a question I got from a nice person who asked...."How long does it take you to create a file?"

I really didn't have an answer but I do now....from concept to finished product....A Long Time! see, I had this image for a new file and started working on it this morning by hand folding paper by hand, cutting with scissors and then taking measurements.

I then translated the information into a file but kept tweeking and working and changing until I got it just right! In the meantime, here is only part of the pile on my table of the ones I cut and rejected for one reason or another! I still have some work to do but I'm hoping that by the end of the day I will be able to share my vision with you....ok....maybe not today but sometime soon...I do have to be realistic you know!

Anyway, enough about that....don't forget, today is the last day for you to get my Digi files at 50% off (see previous post). Gotta love a sale!

Take care everyone until next time!
Eddita :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My First Digi Files (and special savings to you!)

Ok, this is not going to be a long post since I have to get the recycling out and then get ready for bed (yea....I know it's not even 7pm but my eyes are so very tired and the allergies are kicking my bottom!)

Anyway, I am so excited that my very first 2 digi fies have been uploaded to the store!

As you can see in the picture, this consists of a branch with the cherry blossoms inside a scalloped frame. I have also included extra flowers which you can cut out and add to the top of the image to allow them to pop.

Also, in order to provide you with more options, for those of you using cutters, I am providing two background cut lines: 1 solid background that runs on the outside of the scalloped frame and 1 that has cut lines both on the outside and the inside of the stamp.

At first I was only going to do a "boy" robot but when I got to thinking, I remembered watching hours of Lost in Space with my brother and LoViNg the Robot! Then I thought I CAN'T be the only girl who likes robots and thus Roberta was created! I like to think of them as fraternal twins LOL!

With this set I have included the additional images, like her skirt and pearls and his box and antennae to give the finished piece a little pizzaz!

Now...about the special savings....since these ARE my very FIRST Digi files, I have put them on sale for 50% OFF! This sale will last through Sunday, so if you want them, make sure you check them out.

Let me know what you think and if you use them, please try to send me a copy of what you made so I can share it here with others. be off to get my stuff done....Thanks for looking and I hope everyone has a wonderful night!

Eddita :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ramblings and Announcements

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter/Passover holiday and enjoyed your time with family and friends!

We visited my Sister who hosted the festivities this year and along with our family all their friends and their children also came along so it was a Full house! Food, fun, laughter and eggs abounded! Thank goodness for the perfect weather too!

It's always nice to get together with everyone and while the guys talk sports and movies, the gals talk about life in general and their latest crafts (my favorite part of course LOL!)
Speaking of latest...while I have a number created, I just finished uploading my very first Digi File!

I went back and forth on what to send to the store and ended up with a cute couple...Robbie and Roberta Robot! At first it started out just being Robbie, but then I got to thinking how lonely he looked and knowing that girls like robots too decided to give him a friend. Since it is really 2 files it took me a little longer than I had hoped, but in the end I really hope that you all enjoy them! As you can see by the picture, in addition to the digi stamps, there are addition pieces provided so you can make your cute little accent pop out! Keep an eye out for this cute couple as they should be hitting the store shortly (EC00166).

Now for my Big Announcement:

If you recall, the last time I posted, I mentioned that I had big news....well here it is, starting next month, that is 01 May, I will be hosting the next Quarterly Membership!! Woo Hoo!! This will last through 31 July and it's a great way for you all to receive 20+ brand spanking new files for the insanely low cost of only $ 10!

I will be offering a little of everything including some cards, scrabooking embellishments, digi stamps and wall vinyl (just to name a few). If you have special requests, nows the time to get them in to me. This is one of the reasons (in addition to the medical and life delays) that I have been very busy. It takes some time to create everything and do the conversions, but it is well worth it~! Check back and I will let you know when the link is available so you can begin to sign up.

Looks like the day is going to be nice and as I have been enjoying riding "Frankie" around, IF I get all my work done, I might take a quick spin.

Take care everyone and be safe!