Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chore Day

Well, today is my chore day but for some reason I'm not that motivated. I think it's because I'm a bit tired and it's a little overcast outside. I did get the first batch of laundry in the washer so I guess that's a start!

I also posted a new file to my Quarterly Membership Club! Even though we still have a little time before (dare I say it) Christmas (there you go...I said it), since the gals voted and asked that the new file be a card, I uploaded my Joy Fold Out Card. I really like it because while it was designed as a holiday card, you can use the base and decorate in any way you like for any occasion with other files you already own, rubber stamps, flowers, etc.

The other nice thing about this file is that if you don't want to use it as a card, all of the elements would look great on a Scrapbook Layout either individually or grouped together. The only place you can get it right now is through the QMC. Just click on this link to get started. It's QUITE a deal!

I hope you all had a chance to watch my YouTube Video in my previous posting showing how easy it is to cut gumpaste with your KNK to make cake decorations. Don't forget to download the little daisy in case you want to try it yourself (or if you just want to cut it out of paper for a card LOL!)

Washer just to move the clothes over and start the next load...I think when I'm done with everything I'll jump on Frankie and take a ride up to That's motivation! LOL!

Eddita :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

DD Graduated and New Video Tutorial!

It's hard to believe but things got pretty hectic around here and now is the first time I am able to actually sit down and play catch up!

Well my DD received her Associates of Arts, General Studies. We went to a Recognition and Awards Ceremony held at her school on 16 May where she received a cord for being recognized in the Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges. That of course is the night that my camera decided to give up the ghost. Every time I took a picture, not only did they not turn out well, but a puff of smoke would come out of the top!!! DH went onto Amazon that night and found us a replacement so that the same thing wouldn't happen on the 25th of May when she actually walked and received her tassell!

All during this time we were getting ready for her Graduation/Birthday Party (invites which I shared with you all in an earlier post), I kept getting calls from people asking if there was a back up plan since the weather that week consisted of daily thunderstorms (DD had requested to have a big cookout at the park so everyone could come and relax and a playground for those with young children). I told everyone not to worry because DD and I had looked up the weather in the local almanac and we had chosen the date since it said the weather would be sunny and hot! It wasn't until Thursday though that we were sure we were going to be WAS 89 degrees and sunny...woo hoo....the power of positive thinking LOL!

We had family and friends come out and everyone had a fun time. Now some of you know my DD wants to go on and study to be a Pastry Chef. She has been making some wonderful cakes for friends and when I get her to send me the pics I'll share them with you.

Even though she had told me she wanted to make her own cake, I knew that she was not going to be able to and told her that I would handle it. Well here is the picture of how it turned out. It's NOWHERE near the quality of what she makes, but I tried my best LOL!

Now you have to understand, since I had watched DD make fondant many times and cover a cake I thought "how hard could it be?"....BAHAHAHA...jokes on's just that she makes it look super easy...I was ready to throw the whole thing out the window!

After watching a lot of YouTube videos on how to frost a cake, how to crumb coat a cake, how to make marshmallow fondant & how to cover a cake I was ready to start. It was actually going well until it came time to cover the cake. No matter what I did it wouldn't work. After a good half hour of frustration, I put the crumb coated cake back in the fridge, wrapped the fondant up tight in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge and sat down and vegged in front of the TV.

I then called DD up and ask her what I was doing wrong. She talked me through and gave me a bunch of helpful tips so that when I pulled everything out to start again, it was pefect! My fondant went on smoothly and it was ready to decorate!

Now DD's favorite flower is the the simple Daisy. I quickly designed one in my KNK Studio program and got out all of my supplies and got to it. I thought it would be helpful for those of you who are interested in doing it yourselves to make a quick video while I made it.

Note: I have one of the older KNK models which only allows the use of the silver blade holder (not the jaw of the newer Groov-e or Maxx models that allow for using the actual Cricut blade holder).

It is for that reason that I say you will need the "SLIVER LARGE HOLE CAP" if you are going to use the Cricut Blade with Silicone cover (which really rocked!). While the sliver large hole cap is no longer listed in the store, you can see a picture of it and Michelle said she can get it for you. Just go to and under the contact us section, just send her a quick note asking her and she will get back to you with pricing. Well, without any further ado, here is the video

In case any of you would like to try this cute and simple design I have attached the freebie file at the bottom. Now while I rolled little balls for the centers, if you prefer you can also cut it out of the colored gumpaste as well. Even if you aren't decorating a cake, you can add to the top of a frosted cupcake thekids loved eating them at the picnic LOL!

Well, enjoy everyone. Love to hear what you think!

Eddita :)

PS: Don't forget about the quarterly membship club....I have a slideshow above showing what has already been shared...over 20 files for only $ 10...what a deal!

Freebie Daisy File:

.GSD Version

.AI Version

.KNK Version

.WPC Version

.SVG Version