Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hodge Podge Challenge - The Poll is Up!

Hi Everyone,

Well Customer Appreciation Day was a success and I'm happy to announce that so was the Hodge Podge Challenge!

13 participants uploaded their photos to the gallery and the poll is now up! If you haven't already, please take a moment to peruse the 2 pages and cast your vote. There are so many wonderful choices that I'm so glad that you all are voting as I think they should all win!

Well, you all saw the way my paper started and how partially how it ended up after cutting, but I was waiting to share the card I made until everyone had uploaded their without further is what I made.

This was a lot of fun and I was actually able to use my sewing machine to add a little border around the front. The neat thing about this challenge is that you couldn't plan what colors or designs were going to show up! It was like a neat little surprise present LOL!

I hope you all try it sometime, I'ld love to see what you come up with!
Eddita :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

After the Big Bash it's time to clean up!

At least that's how I feel right now LOL! There was so much going right into and on the day of the Customer Appreciation Day that I have spent the last couple of days regrouping.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day and enjoyed the free offerings and all of the games and challenges on the board!

I'm pretty excited that so many people took me up on my Hodge Podge Challenge. I just wanted to give you a quick peek of what my messy paper looked like after I cut it out:

Isn't that neat...the challenge was really one geared to show you how easy it is to make your own one of a kind designed by you cardstock!

I did make a card with it which I will share a little later once everyone has put theirs into the gallery. Laury jumped right in and posted her pic to the gallery. Now she killed 2 birds with one stone by using Jan's flower challenge and mine together for a super cute card! Make sure you check back and see the other ones that should start to trickle in!

Have a great night everyone!

Monday, February 16, 2009

TODAY'S THE DAY!!'s official...TODAY is Customer Appreciation Day!

In addition to all of the fun make sure you get by the store. All of my files today will be 40% off!

Additionally, as a special surprise, all of the Designers got together and decided to offer you today ony, as a way to say Thank You for all of your support throughout the year, a FREE Border File. Each of us chose a theme.

Here is a picture of mine:

AND here is your LINK!

Now, when you finish downloading, click on the link below which will take you to Beloved Keepsakes (Lori's) blog where you will find another fabulous free file! Keep following the links until you come back to my blog. Once you do you will have quite a collection from all of us!

Lori's Blog

Don't forget to visit the forum and sign up for some of the games and challenges!

Thank you Everyone for your Support!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

1 More Day and Hodge Podge Challenge has been Posted!

Ok Everyone, the day is almost here...the 2nd Annual Paperthreads Customer Appreciation Day!

Don't miss out on the fun including a way to get free files (check back here tomorrow for full information) as well as joining in on some challenges and fun things to do! Also, ALL the designers files will be on sale so make sure you get to the store and see what is available!

As I said yesterday, I am hosting a Hodge Podge Challenge...What's that you ask? Just click on this link to take you to the forum and get all of the information you need AND to sign up! I hope lots of you do as this is going to be fun! Also, as I do understand work and scheduling, this challenge will run through Thursday with the winner being announced on Friday. The really cool thing about this challenge is that for those Moms and Dads with younger kids, this is a chance for them to help you out!
Also, I am cohosting (very small CO since Ileana is taking the lead on it) a Save Gas, Stay Home and Scrap Challenge...Check that one out.

Now as I said there is going to be a lot going on tomorrow and we hope you will be able to join in! For all the see and things to do, here is the main thread so you can go through it all and sign up! Last year this was a lot of fun and I expect it will ONLY be better!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Only 2 more days.....

...until Customer Appreciation Day at Paperthreads! I'm so excited and I'm hoping that you are all looking forward to it as well!

I'm going to be hosting a HODGE PODGE challenge on the forum but need you to do a little preparation for get out a piece of white cardstock (I'm working on 8.5 x 11 since not everyone can do a 12 x 12) and pull out your rubber stamps and pads and go nuts! It doesnt' matter what colors you choose or what stamps...the more the merrier! In the end you are going to end up with a pretty good mess but trust me, you will like what you end up with. Here's a sneak peak at my stamped page:

Thank goodness I have quite a stock of rubber stamps thanks to my most extraordinary talented younger sister! If you haven't checked out her blog and are looking for some cool card ideas, just click on this link. She is amazing and so are here cards! I love the details she puts into them. It's not just big (and as she would say MUCH OLDER) sister pride talking here, I really love everything she has made me and I have kept them all too! The craft gene runs strong in our family...even my cute Phoebelishus niece likes to get into the act!

Anyway, get ready to have some fun on Monday...YOU are going to be very happy that you are part of the Paperthreads family as there will be some free files, fun contests, and sales...Great Sales!

Counting down the days!
Eddita :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Newsletter is OUT!!!

Hey out there in the blogosphere, hope you are all doing well! I (along with my Paperthreads Designers Team-mates) have been very busy in the background getting our February Newsletter ready for all of you. If you haven't already seen it, HERE IT IS! on the link and you will not be disappointed!

It is chock full wonderful articles, hints, sketches, explanations, videos and free files (for a limited time). One of them is even from me yours truly!. It's a cute little all occasion card and for those of you who haven't yet made your Valentines Cards...this would be great!

If you haven't already signed yourself up to get it delivered directly to your email box....What are you waiting for??? You don't know how? It's simple...Just click on this link and enter your information! Easy I say :)

ALSO...on Monday 16 February, Paperthreads is going to be hosting the Second Annual Customer Appreciation Day! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!! There are going to be games and activities on the Forum as well as a Blog Hop. What's that? You don't know what a Blog Hop is...well you are going to start at one of the PT designers blogs who will have a free cutting file for you as well as a link to the next designer. If you hit all of them you will have been able to download 12 borders to add to your collection...Woo Hoo...we ALL love free files but make sure you get up early and start hopping since they don't last forever!

Also, on that day all of the files in the store will be on sale so make sure you come out and visit all of the blogs, shop at the store and visit the forum for games and activities. It's going to be a fun day for EVERYONE!

More Later!
Eddita :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Oh My....Special Coupon Code!

Where has the time gone?! I have been trying to be so good and update my blog on a fairly consistant basis and then Wham Bam - Time Flies! let me start out by announcing that I have some limited coupons for one of my current favorite files...the Love Spinner.

If you are interested it is 35% off today only. Click here for the link. When you check out just use the following coupon code to get your discount:

While I'm at it, as a bonus, I also have limited coupons for another one of my favorites...Keys & Locks. Same deal, you can just click here to be taken directly to the store (or just use the search and type in EC00072). The coupon code to get 35% off is: EC_0209_des43

Since these are limited, you might not want to wait too long. If you get to the checkout and the coupon doesn't work, it only means that they have all been used up.

Finally, for the month of February, my All Occasion Accents (EC00052) are on sale for only $1.79. That's 40% off the regular price. No coupon code needed for this one. Here is the link and the sale price is good all month long (woo hoo!). that feels pretty good...I love days with sales and coupons! I have been working on some new files and I can't wait to share there here.

In the meantime, take care!
Eddita :)