Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Post Thanksgiving & Cyber Monday

I'm just jumping on quickly to say that I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have enjoyed their Black Friday Sales! I was able to get some great deals this year and stay within my budget so Woo Hoo to me LOL!

This year we found a turkey farm near our home that we didn't know existed until we started researching online and after a lot of thought ended up buying a 19 lb turkey breast only....19 lbs! I brined it like I do every year and this time went with the slow roast method and all I can say is that after 12 people finished eating and after sending some home with my sister and mom, DH and I had enough leftovers for 2 meals only! We were really some turkey eating fools!

My mom was able to come over starting on Wednesday and helped me with all of the preparations. Since everyone brings something to the table, we were responsible for the turkey, potatos, stuffing, cranberry and pumpkin pie. My mom had seen a recipe that combined jello with whole canned cranberries, pinapples, apples and nuts. It was really tasty and really yummy (especially when I added a little whipped cream LOL!) My Sis brought a brocolli cheese casserole and salad and my Son and Girlfriend rounded it out with drinks and rolls....YuMmY!!!

After everyone left my Mom and I started looking at what was playing at the local theatre and ended up going to see Burlesque with Cher and Cristina Aguilara....My Mom liked it a lot while I thought it was very predictable...the positive thing I can say that really carried the movie was the Music and we both agreed that it made it fun to watch. Cher really sang well and as far as Cristina...well she has a heck of a voice and I do enjoy listening to her. In the end, I told my Mom I thought that it was like a cross between "A Chorus Line", "Chicago" and Bob Fosse's greatest moves. The real pleasure in the end was the company.

That's about it for now but I wanted to let you know that my Digi Moose have hit the store (woo hoo!). Also, all my files are on sale for this Cyber Monday for 45% off. I thank you in advance for your support!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Blues, Shaker Cards and What a Great Ending!

Starting earlier this week I started to feel a little run down and though I was hoping to enjoy my birthday on Friday, those hopes were horribly dashed. I went into work at 6, had my annual review around 8 (which went well....paraphrasing Sally Fields, "they like me...they really like me" LOL!) and as much as I was sucking down cough meds and taking asprin etc, by 10 I was running a fever, my eyes were killing me from the light and all I wanted to do is crawl under my desk and sleep!

My daughter came and picked me up and tucked me into bed and continued working on her first ever cake contest entry (more on that below). I took a big swig of that night time sleepy med and passed out. When I awoke at 4 (6 hours later!) even though I still wasn't feeling well, I did sit down and open my birthday presents....sadly it still hurt to read so I just went back to the bedroom, took another swig and passed out....woo hoo....49 just started out with a bunch of coughing, blowing of nose and basically feeling horrible...I just hope it gets better!

Next morning I was able to enjoy pancakes (made by DD) and really look at my presents. Hubby bought me this great pressure cooker I had been looking at for awhile....A Futura which has received great reviews. I have really been wanting something to cut down cooking time and this just fit the bill perfectly! I received a gift card from JoAnne's from DH oldest son and family (I KNOW my DDIL was the one to pick it out as she always helps enable my crafy addiction) and then DD got me 2 boxes of card blanks with envelopes (how did she know I had run out?!) and this REALLY cool Fiskars punch with interchangable heads. I had seen it at the craft store but as it was way on the bottom shelf I never really looked at it...but Shazam! is nice! Here is a link. It is PEFECT for Shaker Cards as it will make the nicest confetti and has a little bit of everything from animals to holidays...I know I will get a lot of use out of it!

Speaking of Shaker Cards....I loaded a new file to the store which is a Shaker Box which you make and then attach to the front of any card! I am currently hosting Challenge 10 of 20 Christmas Card Challenge over at the Paperthreads Forum. If you haven't already signed up just click on this link to get to mine but make sure you also check out all of the other ones there. It's a great way to get all of your cards ready in time to mail out. Here is a picture of my sample (which includes a sneak peak of my latest Digi File - Christmas Moose with Gift)

I started sketching him a couple of weeks ago and playing with the placement of objects. I think he came out very cute and really enjoyed coloring him with my Copics as per Michelle's great class at the last Paperthreads Retreat.
I am slowly getting him ready to go up into the store...there will actually be a number of versions but more on that later once I actually finish! what about my Great Ending? As I said before my DD has been working on her very first cake competition. She found out about it just as the entry due date had closed but she was very happy to have been allowed to enter. She drew up the sketch and started baking the cakes and freezing them (all 5 of them) and then every day after work and between classes she was working on it in the basement where she had the quiet she needed. I would peek in every night and not because I'm her mom, but I was impressed. Luckily I was so much better on Sunday and it was a good thing to as I was her "assistant" and the one to ride in the car and hold onto to everything and then help her carry in. She took over the assembly though and final touches.
It was a nursery rhyme theme contest and she chose one that I used to read/sing to her and her brothers every night before bedtime...Wynken, Blynken & Nod. She used the KNK to cut out the names on the binding as well as the words that go around the edges of each book layer...each was a phrase from the nursery rhyme.

Everything you see either carved out of krispy treats and covered in fondant she made or just sculpted our to gumpaste she colored. She also did some great airbrushing (if I may say so myself LOL!)

Well, are you ready?! She Won First Place in her division! Woo Hoo! She was very happy! All of her hard work paid off! I was going to put up a bunch of pics but instead have this YouTube video to share with you. I think she did a FABULOUS job! As this was her first contest one of the nice things is that she was able to talk to crazy cake gals and get some good tips and techniques. I stood on the side listening to her talk and watch her excitment and see the sparkle in her made my heart glow to see her so excited and happy.
Well I hope you all enjoy!