Sunday, March 25, 2012

CAD - uploaded free Stache file again!

I got some notes yesterday saying they couldn't download the Free "$tacsh File" so I have re-uploaded.

Hopefully this time it will work...let me know!


Free File

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy CAD!

Well Good Morning Everyone!

Hope you are all going to have a wonderful weekend! Before you start on my project, please remember that ALL my files are on sale at the Paperthreads store...for 50% Off!

If you want to start shopping here is the link to get you there...if you prefer to go after, I really would appreciate!

So you ready for our project? Here goes....

In today's tougher economy we all need to save a little here and there. Did you know that you can save up to a $100 dollars or more over the course of a year if you simply saved your spare change? Hubby and I do it all the time. Don't believe me....just go to your purse and empty it out...invariably there is loose change just rolling around the bottom and let's face it, just making your purse heavier! Count it close are you to $ 1? More???

Well I thought this would be a great way to start putting some money away...who knows, maybe you will save enough for holiday or birthday presents? dinner out? whatever you want!

Now this project can be done using any old container you have around the house. I am using a can from an instant cappuccino that I am VERY addicted to. I like it because it's a nice size and it has a lid on it that I can easily put on and remove when it's time to convert the coins to bills!

In addition to your container, you are going to need vinyl in 2 colors, vinyl transfer tape, an xacto knife, a squeege and a design. Now you can make your own and have it say anything you like (Mad Money, Cruise Funds, ETC!)

Start off by removing any paper from the outside of the container, this becomes your template for the vinyl strip you need to cut. If you can't don't worry about it, just measure carefully and cut it out.

Then using your exacto blade cut out a hole in the top where you will drop in your coins (OR even $ 1 bills if you have any extra ones about).
Based on the height and width of your container, you will create a file with a saying or use the one I have provided.
Mustaches seem to be all the craze these days so I did a play on words which says My $tash...get it?

I know pretty bad but hey...made you groan!

Anyway, at the same time cut out a strip of vinyl in the second color and set aside.

Now add your vinyl transfer tape to the top of your design and using a squeegee rub it firmly until you can peel back and have your design come up with it and then place it on top of your long strip and squeegee it down in place again.

Now slowly peel the transfer tape off and you will be left with you finished vinyl piece ready to apply to your container!

Peel the backing off the vinyl strip and what I do is lay the can on it's side and apply one end of the strip to the can and slowly rotate until it meets on the other end.

If there are any bubbles you can just rub them out to the sides or use a pin to put a hole in in and press down flat.

Put the lid back on and start dropping the coins in!

Can you say...SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Please make sure you leave a comment for me and don't forget to pick up your FREE 'STACHE FILES (all formats: .gsd, .ai, .knk, .mtc, .svg & .wpc)

I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoyed this project! But WAIT!!! The fun doesn't stop here! Make sure you visit all the blog participants, they may be offering more
prizes and fun on each blog!

Also, comment on each blog, and you get an entry into the GRAND PRIZE drawing, which will include:

  • Xyron Mega Runner
  • 2 Greeting Farm Stamps
  • Quickie Glue Pen
  • Platinum Pllus Flex Pod Gripper Tripod
  • 9" roll of Silhouette Vinyl (can be used on most die cut machines)
  • 2 - Metallic Rub n Buff
  • 10 Color Souffle Gel Pens
  • 10 Color Glaze Gel Pens
  • 12 Color Crushed Velvet Flock by Doodlebug Design
  • 1 Activation code to Make The Cut software
Check out the blogs today!


Customer Appreciation Day Countdown!

Well tomorrow is the start of the annual Paperthreads Customer Appreciation Day!
I am working on the project I am going to be sharing and set up my little photo "booth" to get some step by step pictures when I look up from what I am photographine and GUESS what
I see?
Ok...let me give you a's NOT Toby and it's NOT Daisy.....
So you need another hint? This is what I saw when I walked away and came back!!'s troublemaker Guinness!
Well hopefully I will be able to shoo him off so I can finish everything up!
Make sure you come back tomorrow and check out all of the different sites! Also, ALL my files, yes I said ALL (including rhinestone patterns) are going to be 50% OFF! Now I haven't had a sale in a long time and if there is anything that you have been wanting to get, this weekend is the time to get it!
Back to work...."GUINNESS GET DOWN!!!"
Eddita :)