Friday, March 23, 2012

Customer Appreciation Day Countdown!

Well tomorrow is the start of the annual Paperthreads Customer Appreciation Day!
I am working on the project I am going to be sharing and set up my little photo "booth" to get some step by step pictures when I look up from what I am photographine and GUESS what
I see?
Ok...let me give you a's NOT Toby and it's NOT Daisy.....
So you need another hint? This is what I saw when I walked away and came back!!'s troublemaker Guinness!
Well hopefully I will be able to shoo him off so I can finish everything up!
Make sure you come back tomorrow and check out all of the different sites! Also, ALL my files, yes I said ALL (including rhinestone patterns) are going to be 50% OFF! Now I haven't had a sale in a long time and if there is anything that you have been wanting to get, this weekend is the time to get it!
Back to work...."GUINNESS GET DOWN!!!"
Eddita :)

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Ginger (Games) said...

But mom I want to help! lol