Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sorry for the Delay in the Announcment!

But even with New Year's Resolutions, I'm not being the best blogger I can be LOL!

In any case, I hope everyone enjoyed their Customer Appreciation Day. I know I had a good time and even though not everyone who downloaded my freebie left me a comment (don't be shy next time!) from those that did, I placed all of their names into the Randomizer and the big winner is:

List Randomizer
There were 15 items in your list. Here they are in random order:


Yea Donna! Send me a quick email and let me know which file of mine you would like and what format you need :)

As usual, I have been busy creating new files. Even though we still have snow on the ground, I am looking forward to Spring!

I have been receiving my various seed and garden catalogs and trying to decide what we are going to plant this year. There are some items that are a given (like tomatos!) but others which we tried that we weren't that excited about given the space needed to grow them in like carrots.

Whatever we plant though it seems that the ever mounting population of what my hubby calls "yard rats" otherwise affectionately known as "bunnies" always seem to get in and eat what we don't want them to. This was my inspiration for my new file BUNNY GATE

It can be used with or without the included mat and I thought it would look cute at the bottom of a layout. In looking at it a little more, it can also be cut out and used as an embellishment on a gift box and if you are doing a nursery, you can even enlarge it and cut it out of vinyl for a sweet wall decoration...instead of counting sheep your little one can count bunnies!

Speaking of vinyl, I am working on some new files which I will hope to have up in the store soon. If you are looking for anything in particular, drop me a quick note and let me know!

Well, I guess that's about all for now....until next time!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Customer Appreciation Day is Here!

We have so many activities going on at the forum so if you haven't already, please go over and check it out! There are make and takes, challenges, scavenger hunts, bingo games, first to's etc!

Also, in the same manner as before, all of the Designers are joining in for our annual Blog Hop! Here is a list to help you keep track:

Butterfly Designs
Just Laury
Shirley Clark Designs
Sam & Hailey Designs
Keepsakes by Design
Accents by Eddita <--you are here
I Scrap Designs <--go here next
Diana’s Designs
Jen Adkins Designs
Ginny’s Happy Cuts
Shelly’s Art
Forever Memories for You
Carrie’s Creations

Don't forget, I'm hosting the Layout Challenge so make sure you go right over and sign up!

Now, I'm sure you have noticed the image at the top of the is a cute and easy tag I created which ou can use for packages, card fronts (you can see my example) as well as a cute accent for your layout! While it looks complex, it's comprised of only 2 pieces! How easier can it get?!

Also, if you leave me a comment, I will put your name in for a drawing to receive any one of my files....woo hoo!

Well, I hope everyone enjoys their day and takes part in all of the fun and games.

Finally, just remember, all of my files are 50% off through tomorrow!

Thanks for your support!


Friday, February 12, 2010

The Big Dig Continues....

Before I start my official whining, I want to let everyone know that all of my files are currently on sale for a whopping 50% off through February 16th during the Customer Appreciation Days!

I am a good way at almost finishing my SVG conversions so if you see a file you want and if you don't currently see it in the store, go ahead and purchase it and send me a copy of the reciept so I can get it right to you. Make sure you keep checking back as I am uploading new files almost every day!

Now....let the whining commence! OK...I or better said we are very TIRED PUPS!!! Hubby and I have officially cried uncle and have finished all we can do...our muscles are literally jello! We are fortunate the next couple of days are calling for sunshine and highs in the low 30s so maybe some of the cool white stuff will slowly melt away!
To commemorate this "historic snow event" I created a BIG DIG file which should be hitting the store shortly. Heck...I say "why not create a scrapbook page to remember your aches and pains?"
Just in case you are thinking I'm just a big baby, I thought I would share some pics with you which include the front of the house (after hours of clearing), the garage which we could only get to today, the side of the house (isn't that a really cool wave?!) and finally the dogs playing in the snow. Yes, that includes Guinness who runs around like the other 2 crazy dogs ONLY he has to be on a leash!
It is just insane the amount of snow we got and it apparently is a Record! The first snow last week we got almost 3 feet and then this one we got a little over 4.5 feet...FEET!!!!!!!! Add both of the storms together and I have given up! Hopefully the little storm coming in on Monday will be small as they are describing, because I can't take much more!

While I'm here I want to share a picture that my Design Team Member Elizabeth made with my Batter Up - Children Cooking file. I think she did a great job and I love the color combinations she used! Yummy....makes me want to go and make some cupcakes too!

What else can I tell you....oh yes...if you haven't already, please make sure to go and sign up for my Customer Appreciation Day Layout Challenge!

While I shared the sketch with you the other day, I can now share a picture of the prize today!

It is the Tim Holtz Junk Bag donated by Michelle, where you can store all of your cool must have "junk" like glues, etc. She says it looks just like this one only in White.

NOTE: The "junk" pictured is not included have to use your own.

Ok...I guess that's all for now....will update again soon!
Take care and stay warm!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Say It's Not So!!!

Well, we have done our best at shoveling the 32 inches (yes I sais 32!!!) and have managed to clear off the driveway but that's about where it all ends. The snow plows came through and basically just plowed a single lane through our develpment and left us with mountains of snow to contend with. The pic above shows how it looks today. Where it was warmer and the ice was thinner we can actually see the road, but for the most parts, it's large chunks of ice.

On top of that, the weather reports that from now until tomorrow night we can see perhaps an additional 20"! Good Googly Moogley! Please say it's not so!

On the bright side, I did get out of work today so I have been using my time wisely...gaining my strength to shovel snow again and work on the SVG conversions...woo hoo...they are chugging along!

Also I was able to create a file which serves as my contribution to Scrapbooking Cards & More by friends of Carrie Schwartz. If you haven't already, please be sure to go to the store and sign up for it. She was going to host this quarters membership club, but as she was preparing it, her family got news that her husband's tumors come back. That means more treatments for him and more being put on Carrie to take care of hubby and kids. As such, the designers have elected to host it for her with all sales going directly to her. For a mere $ 10 you will receive 20+ files...what a deal! This membership will run for 3 months (February, March & April) so don't delay! How do you sign up? Just click on this link

I wanted to share with you a card that Wanda created using my Pocket Frog File.

She told me she really liked this card since it would work well for young boys. I'm so glad she was able to use my file and I think she did a great job too!

She sends card to ShareaCard! as well as to Shirley's RAK (Random Acts of Kindness).

If you are interested and want to get involved, just click on the links above and get started. You can make your cards any way you want (they don't have to be digital files) and I know that whoever receives them will love them and have their spirits lifted just knowing someone cares.

Well back to some more conversions, watching the weather channel and working on some new files....check back soon!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow, Gardening, Angels and a Challenge!

Boy oh boy...I know there is someone out there who loves shoveling snow, but in this house right now, no one is jumping for joy LOL!

So far we a little more than 26.5 inches and the snow doesn't show any signs of letting up! Unlike the last couple of snows which were light and airy, this one is full of moisture and HEAVY!!! The winds don't help any and when we were going to go out this morning at 8:30 am to start a little path for the dogs to get out, the snow had drifted up against the storm door and we really had to push it hard just to eek out and start to clear the snow from in front of the door just to open it.

Here is a pic so you can see how things looked a few hours ago after we cleared a little bit....I just went out to take a quick peek and everything we cleared is now covered again so we're just going to wait for it to finish tomorrow before really working on clearing it.
We were able to finally clear a small area for the dogs and they had a lot of fun in the snow running around. I thought they were going to really take advantage of all of the room (since they were not leashed) to go crazy but they were only interested in running up and down the area we had cleared .

Guinness of course not wanting to be left inside started his barking (ok it sounded like mewling but remember...he is a DOG in my hubby's mind) and so we took him out to the back patio and set him down in a little area that had been excavated out there for just for him...he started playing with the snowflakes and actually digging a hole in the snow to create a little tunnel...what a silly cat um err I mean DOG! He keeps wanting to go out and play so we give him like the other dogs a little time outside.

My mom called me to say that she had excitement at her house this morning. She lives along side a creek and the street is only 2 cars wide (enough for cars parked along the curb and traffic). So she is watching the plow who is working on pushing through 2 feet of snow and he gets stuck. Instead of just backing out he starts to rock the truck back and forth and then she sees flames coming out from under the hood.

The rest got very jumbled in the telling but this is what I know:
  • My son who lives with her and helps her out has been shoveling to keep the walk clear since early morning was sent to get the fire extinguisher
  • She calls a neighbor to bring their extinguisher out as well
  • She calls the fire department (who she says wants the story of her life when all she wants is someone to come put out the fire)
  • The firemen come walking because they can't get the truck down
  • A man comes in walking with a BIG fire extinguisher
  • The flames (which have now engulfed the cab of the truck) are now extinguished
  • They hear a big crack from this huge tree in front of the house which comes towards Nick and the next thing she knows she no longer sees my son but instead a huge snowman who just missed being beaned in the head by the branch.
  • She speaks to my nephew who upon hearing the news about his cousin asks his Grandmother if she was able to get a picture of "Snowman Nick"
  • My son says to my mom in the background...I hear a buzzing....then they both hear a crack...and then my Mom says to me..."honey I have to go we just lost power."
I'll give her a call a little later, but I know that it may be awhile before she gets electricity back based on the news of all of the power outages but she did say she had prepared for the eventuality. I done whining about the snow yet....mmmmm......maybe for a little LOL!

On to my next topic...Gardening! Remember last time I told you I had started my aerogarden around the 10th of January?? Well here is a pick so you can see how it looked a week later on the 17th and one of how it looks today (21 days later!)

I'm impressed! What you see in the front from left to right is: Cilantro, Tomato & Epazote (it's a Mexican spice). In the back from left to right is: Tomato, Thai Basil, that unknown herb from Colombia & another Tomato. The stalks on the plant are really sturdy and it's actually time to start to prune so it doesn't start to flower right away...I'll keep you all up to date as it goes...I love seeing green growing in the cold of winter...don't you?!

Now what did I want to talk to you about next....oh Yes! Angels! I know we always have them around us lifting us and giving us their I thought that would make a cute little accent for either a Sweet Card or Layout of a special event. I created it so you could use it in a variety of ways depending on whether you want to use a mat and if you do, which one!

It has been uploaded to the store and available in all of the formats: .AI, .GSD, .KNK, .WPC and .SVG. Just click on the picture at the top left corner of my blog and it will take you right to the store.

Well I guess that leaves just one subject to talk about .....a Challenge! I hear you all starting to get excited!
Here is a sketch I created specifically for you Paperthreads Special Customers for "Customer Appreciation Day" which falls on February 15th!
Make sure you come back here on February 10th to download the file and create your Masterpiece!
Change it up however you like...use an accent of your choosing...color outside the lines...just have fun!
You will have until 15 February to complete your layout and upload it to a special section which will be created in the gallery. A winner will be selected and prize awarded fingers are a bit tired after ALL this catching up and there is SNOW piling up against the storm door again!
Take care and Keep Warm!