Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Say It's Not So!!!

Well, we have done our best at shoveling the 32 inches (yes I sais 32!!!) and have managed to clear off the driveway but that's about where it all ends. The snow plows came through and basically just plowed a single lane through our develpment and left us with mountains of snow to contend with. The pic above shows how it looks today. Where it was warmer and the ice was thinner we can actually see the road, but for the most parts, it's large chunks of ice.

On top of that, the weather reports that from now until tomorrow night we can see perhaps an additional 20"! Good Googly Moogley! Please say it's not so!

On the bright side, I did get out of work today so I have been using my time wisely...gaining my strength to shovel snow again and work on the SVG conversions...woo hoo...they are chugging along!

Also I was able to create a file which serves as my contribution to Scrapbooking Cards & More by friends of Carrie Schwartz. If you haven't already, please be sure to go to the store and sign up for it. She was going to host this quarters membership club, but as she was preparing it, her family got news that her husband's tumors come back. That means more treatments for him and more being put on Carrie to take care of hubby and kids. As such, the designers have elected to host it for her with all sales going directly to her. For a mere $ 10 you will receive 20+ files...what a deal! This membership will run for 3 months (February, March & April) so don't delay! How do you sign up? Just click on this link

I wanted to share with you a card that Wanda created using my Pocket Frog File.

She told me she really liked this card since it would work well for young boys. I'm so glad she was able to use my file and I think she did a great job too!

She sends card to ShareaCard! as well as to Shirley's RAK (Random Acts of Kindness).

If you are interested and want to get involved, just click on the links above and get started. You can make your cards any way you want (they don't have to be digital files) and I know that whoever receives them will love them and have their spirits lifted just knowing someone cares.

Well back to some more conversions, watching the weather channel and working on some new files....check back soon!



Elizabeth said...

BOY am I feeling your pain, we received just 4" less than you and I am not ready for more.

Accents By Eddita said...

Tell me about it...the plows have come through a couple of times trying to push some of the snow out the way (and back into our driveway!)

Everytime they leave I go out and shovel everything open again...don't want to fall too behind especially since everything they are pushing in is heavy ice! argh ~~~