Friday, February 12, 2010

The Big Dig Continues....

Before I start my official whining, I want to let everyone know that all of my files are currently on sale for a whopping 50% off through February 16th during the Customer Appreciation Days!

I am a good way at almost finishing my SVG conversions so if you see a file you want and if you don't currently see it in the store, go ahead and purchase it and send me a copy of the reciept so I can get it right to you. Make sure you keep checking back as I am uploading new files almost every day!

Now....let the whining commence! OK...I or better said we are very TIRED PUPS!!! Hubby and I have officially cried uncle and have finished all we can do...our muscles are literally jello! We are fortunate the next couple of days are calling for sunshine and highs in the low 30s so maybe some of the cool white stuff will slowly melt away!
To commemorate this "historic snow event" I created a BIG DIG file which should be hitting the store shortly. Heck...I say "why not create a scrapbook page to remember your aches and pains?"
Just in case you are thinking I'm just a big baby, I thought I would share some pics with you which include the front of the house (after hours of clearing), the garage which we could only get to today, the side of the house (isn't that a really cool wave?!) and finally the dogs playing in the snow. Yes, that includes Guinness who runs around like the other 2 crazy dogs ONLY he has to be on a leash!
It is just insane the amount of snow we got and it apparently is a Record! The first snow last week we got almost 3 feet and then this one we got a little over 4.5 feet...FEET!!!!!!!! Add both of the storms together and I have given up! Hopefully the little storm coming in on Monday will be small as they are describing, because I can't take much more!

While I'm here I want to share a picture that my Design Team Member Elizabeth made with my Batter Up - Children Cooking file. I think she did a great job and I love the color combinations she used! Yummy....makes me want to go and make some cupcakes too!

What else can I tell you....oh yes...if you haven't already, please make sure to go and sign up for my Customer Appreciation Day Layout Challenge!

While I shared the sketch with you the other day, I can now share a picture of the prize today!

It is the Tim Holtz Junk Bag donated by Michelle, where you can store all of your cool must have "junk" like glues, etc. She says it looks just like this one only in White.

NOTE: The "junk" pictured is not included have to use your own.

Ok...I guess that's all for now....will update again soon!
Take care and stay warm!

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Caroline said...

beautiful pics Eddita, but I can imagine how tired you are of trying to get out off your house :)