Saturday, January 16, 2010 much for resolutions... I missed last weeks blog update, but before I bring you all up to date, I have to talk about the earthquake in Haiti a little bit. I know that we all want to help give but may be concerned that the money is reaching the right people. I personally can vouch for 2 organizations who do nothing but good for the needy in the country. Both would appreciate any donations you can give.

The first is a micro-finance group called FONKOZE who basically describe themselves as "Haiti’s Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor". They lend money to people to start their own businesses and learn how to support themselves. They also have literacy programs and support programs.

The second is called FOR HIS GLORY which is a Christian ministry partnered with an orphanage who care for an average of 125 children who have been abandoned either due to parents inability to care for them or death. They also work with families who are interested in adopting these children.

Both groups have a link on their main pages where if you are interested you can click on a link to donate specifically for Earthquake Relief. I know times are hard right now, but if you can only give $ 5 - $ 10, it will add up and help. Even if you can't do anything financially, please take a moment to say a quick prayer for those suffering, that they may have relief.

Now, as far as my resolutions, I have been pretty good on "trying" to say only nice things, have actually created a few new files AND I scanned one photograph LOL!

The other thing I forgot to say is that I have a sale (my ONLY one this month) currently going on! ALL of my files are 40% off! This includes my cute little pocket frog I talked about last time. If you are interested in him just click on this link.

I started my aero garden last weekend and already everything has sprouted! I have 3 tomatoe plants as well as cilantro, thai basil, epazote (a mexican herb) and an herb from Colombia (though I don't know the name of it!) A friend had brought some up with her after visiting her mother years ago and I had vaccuum sealed some seeds in a jar. I'm really surprised it is growing and once it's big I'll have to call her and find out exactly what it is LOL!

I also got a new kitchen gadget a couple of weeks ago...this one I have been wanting for years but it was way out of my price range. I had seen a demo of it at Costco, but it was way too much....until...QVC! I just happened to turn on the tv and they were doing kitchen stuff and there it was...the Vita-Mix with free shipping and 5 easy payments! Woo Hoo....I was there for also helped that it was a today's special value and the price was the lowest I had EVER 2 days later it's on my counter and I have been playing with it ever since!

Every morning I make a green smoothie for DH and myself and have even made hummus, ice cream and even soup! I just added brocolli, chicken broth, milk, a little bit of cheddar and let it 5 minutes I had Hot Steaming Soup! No need for any pans....woo hoo. DH found it really tasty which is good! I really like this machine (but as it's a kitchen gadget what's not to like?!)

In any case, I guess that's it for now but I hope to finish converting my newest file today so I can share a pic with you tomorrow.

Take care everyone!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Meet My Little Friend...

First off I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Years! DH and I passed out at 11:15....we did try so hard....only to be woken up by the sound of a bunch of fireworks going off somewhere close by...we mumbled a Happy New Year greeting to each other, gave each other a quick peck and then continued on in slumber land!

Nothing exciting really to report, just trying to be good and work on my resolutions ;)

I did create a number of new files and to that end, I wanted to introduce you to my latest...My Pocket Pal Frog. He will be appearing in the store shortly and wanted to give you a sneak peak!
What I like about him (in addition to his little fly friend!) is that I designed him so you could move the position of his little frog arms around so he can hold a little message for you or if you prefer, you can enlarge him and use the pocket he is stashed away into as a journaling block.
I personally, have a girlfriend who LOVES anything to do with frogs so I used him on the front of a card blank and rubber stamped a birthday cake on a the little piece of paper he is holding under his fingers....the fly is just flitting around LOL!
I'm sure you can all come up with your own uses for him! He is the first in a collection that I will be posting over far I also have a Bear, Giraffe, and a Sock Monkey! If you can think of any other good ones let me know!
I went to the Heart Doctor today for my follow-up to my 2008 Thanksgiving Heart debacle. He did a couple of tests and said I'm golden! Just keep up the good work (i.e. trying to eat better and working out at the gym) and said he looked forward to NOT hearing anything from me and seeing me in a year...woo hoo! Finally, good news!
Well, I guess that's all for now...I'll keep you updated with any changes and let you know what files are coming.
Thanks for checking in!
Eddita :)