Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coming Soon to the Store - Bunny File!

Wow...time for a quick catch up with everyone! Went to the Retreat hosted by Paperthreads last week in Charleston SC and got to meet a lot of people who up until now have only known by their forum member names...Can I tell you...EVERYONE was wonderful!

Now you know me...not much creating but a lot of talking and joking LOL! There were tons of make and takes which I still need to finish up in this lifetime, and as I do I will post pics of what I made here. Elizabeth (Scramper75) shared the driving to and from and was great company. I would take the drive with her again anyday!

Before we left, she got a sneak peak at my new file which will be coming to the store. It is called "Bunny Treats" and I hope it will be up and available this week. Check back here and when it is there I will let you know and provide you with the link.

Now Elizabeth was able to see it in person and really liked it, so since it passed her inspection I can now share it with you

Isn't it precious?! Now I know most people would assume Easter (you know Bunnies and Candy) but in reality, Rabbits are very kind and love to share all year round! I'm sure if you put this little guy on your desk and fill him with treats you will be the most popular person in town!

Now, while the file will come with photo step by step assembly instructions, as I am more visual, I created a assembly video for those of you who enjoy little movies

If you would like to make these for people who are not local to you, you can do what I did for my family: Cut out and attach all the parts and then mail the 3 pieces for the recipient to do the final assembly. You can print out the instructions and/or also send them to the link for the video.

I sent a couple to my Sister for my wonderful Nephew and Niece as well as to my Daught-In-Law for the 2 grand girls. Since I just finished the video today, I'm off to mail it to them LOL!

Also, just in case you do not own a personal die cutter and you would love to make this little fellow, just go right on over to my Etsy Shop and you can purchase it there....see I'm trying to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to make this cute little container!

OK, enough to you all soon!
Eddita :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Please Help Me Welcome...

My new Creative Design Team Member! She has shared a lot of work in the Paperthreads Gallery and I'm so very happy that she answered my call when I was looking for a special person to join me in and with my obsession!

I'm really looking forward to working with her and seeing my files through her eyes and artistic interpretation :)

I asked her if she would write up a short bio so that everyone could get to know her a little more and she was gracious enough to do send it to me. So without any further ado, while you might know her as "GAMES", may I present, in her own words, GINGER!

"Hi Everyone!

My name is Ginger Sergent “Games” on the forums. I’m 39 years old and have been married for almost 3 years to a wonderful man “Bob”. We both grew up in here Ohio. We live in the county on 5 acres partially wooded. We don’t have any children but we do live with a Jack Russell Terrier, 2 house cats, 2 Quarter Horses, and 25 or so barn cats.

In 1993, I had a bad car accident that left me a disabled paraplegic. I’m very lucky to be here and I believe god had more for me to do. I am able to do things in a chair and I can walk short distances with forearm crutches. Because of this I no longer work outside of the house. Throughout my life I have been an employee for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Tractor Supply Co., a secretary/bookkeeper for a farm implement co., IT for them and my local fire department, as well as my family members and friends. I also, am a part-time Mary Kay Consultant.

I started doing crafty things as a little girl when my grandma taught me how to crochet. Making snowflakes, scarf’s and then blankets. I did this in the evenings and off season from showing horses. Then photography and scrapbooking became a big part of my life.
I’ve made many types albums.

Then on a sleepless night, I saw a commercial ad for the Cricut. Like many I thought it was the only cutter out there. Boy was I wrong! After looking online I soon found many other cutters. Then I found Paper Threads and purchased a KNK Element. What a wonderful place and Michelle is the best, along with the designers and forum members.

This is where I met Tina (Forever Memories for You) and Eddita (Accents by Eddita), both awesome ladies and designers. I have accepted their design team challenges. Well I’m the lucky one. I love it! I just hope I can make them proud. Thanks Ladies! Well that’s about it, back to cutting and life.

Enjoy your cutters!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 3 - Final 50% Off Coupon and Did you Know???

Well, to begin with, today is the last day I am offering a special 50% off coupon this month. In keeping with the Theme of St. Patrick's Day, today's file is called "IRISH NOTES".

It is a collection of 3 card fronts including the Erin Go Bragh Harp, Lucky 4 Leaf Clover Medallion and finally Intertwined Celtic Hearts. There is also a 4.75 x 6.75 card blank included!

As with the other files this week, the coupon code is limited to today only so if you would like to add these cute note cards to your collection, there is nothing better than 50% off!

The coupon code is: EC_0309_56974

Now...onto my "Did you know" question...I am if nothing else a fanatic for something other than my I know that is hard to believe, but I am. What could it be? Shoes? Clothes? Jewelry? Makeup? The answer to those is No, No, No and NO!

So here goes....tell me if this is a big surprise...but it's cool Kitchen Gadgets! I went to Sams Club at lunch and was wandering around a little when I got to their clearance area and what did I find??? You'll never guess, so I should just tell you, but I figure why tell you when I can show you?

Here it might be dweeby for some of you, but I have actually wanted one of these since I first saw them for sale a couple of years ago but they were WAY to cost prohibitive for me (think around $ 200!) Anyway, this is what was sitting in the clearance area for only $ 60! An AEROGARDEN and it came with bonus items...coooool!

So I had the perfect place in my kitchen to set it up and I did! So this is what it looks like when you put it all together. There I was in the kitchen and reading the step by step directions.

First thing it tells you is to fill it up with 3.5 quarts of water. Well, um...what does that translate into cups? I haven't a clue...math stuff you know. Fortunatly I do have a computer which after googling comes up with the answer 13.999 why doesn't the directions just say that?! Then I had to add the pods and the little domes and turn it on...can anyone say ahhhhhhhhhh!

When you turn it on based on what you are growing, there is a pump that pumps the water round and round and drips on the pods inside. Hence the hydroponic growing (like Future Town or World whatever it's called at Disney's Epcot - apogies for the Mouse Fanatics out there!). I dropped in some nutrients tablets and that's all I need to do. I should be seeing sprouting within the week...lets see how it works LOL! There are indicators when I need to add more water and nutrients...pretty exciting stuff...remember I am the person who also thinks the Ants are REALLY cool to watch!

Now the light has to stay on for 18 hours a day, luckily I can set the lights to turn off for 8 hours during the night..otherwise, I think that I would not do too well since I like total darkness at night! This kit came with 14 herbs. There is enough room for 7 so I picked out the ones I thought I would use the most. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works. If not, I did ask and was told that I could return it for any reason if I am not satisfied. I really hope and am keeping my fingers crossed that I will not be returning it.

Ok, so that is some of my news for today. Hope everyone is well and enjoys their day...after all, it's Wednesday and that means Saturday is just around the corner!

Take care everyone!
Eddita :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 2: 50% off coupon!

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone was able to get their bookmarks yesterday! Today is day 2 of my 50% off coupon which is valid ONLY today (so don't wait to use it)! The file for today is my "A Little Bit of Irish" file:

This would be really cute on any St. Patrick's day celebration pages and you can use them on card fronts or even enlarge the individual accents to make room decorations.

Tomorrow will be my last 50% off coupon so be sure to check back here to see which file it will be!


Coupon Code: EC_0309_35419

Monday, March 2, 2009

New File to Store and Coupon!

Good Morning everyone! Well, I woke up to find a couple of inches of snow outside, but going to wait a bit before I go out and sense in cutting into my crafting time LOL! If you didn't see yesterdays post (below), just a quick reminder I'm currently looking for a Creative Team Member. Take a look and if you are interested, send me an email.

Now, if you are looking for a quick and easy little St. Patrick's Day gift for a special reader in your life or for yourself, new in the store is my CELTIC BOOKMARK.

While it may look pretty intricate, in reality it's only 3 pieces of paper! The nice thing about the file is that by switching up the colors, it would also look great on your special engagement, wedding and new baby pages.

Also..TODAY ONLY, if you purchase the file and add the following coupon code you will get a 50% off discount...what a deal!

As the coupons are limited, don't delay!

Eddita :)

COUPON CODE: EC_0309_15974

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March and looking for a Creative Design Team Member!

Well, we're sitting here with a winter storm watch for our area calling for between 6-12 inches! Now, I have heard this before so I really don't take much stock in it until I see it...feels cold enough, but still lol!

Things are going pretty well and I have been very constructive! I created 4 really cool files and joined them into 1 money saving collection. In addition, it is 50% off this month so you get everything for only $ 5.00! That's a huge savings and works out to only $ 1.25 a file!

If you have any pictures of family, or any school sock hops that you have been wanting to create a layout for, then now is the time to do it. You can also use some of the cute details for the front of cards and invites. Make sure to check out my "ROCK AND ROLL COLLECTION" and don't wait too long!

I'm also going to have a coupon this week for a couple of other new files (St. Patrick's Day related) which I will share with you later this week...make sure you check back here for the codes! After all who doesn't like to save some money?!!

I'm looking ahead to warmer weather and spring and working on some new files. Speaking of which...

I'm looking for a Creative Design Team Member! It's pretty simple really. I'm looking for someone who enjoys creating projects and would like to receive some free files.

You would simply choose one of my single files and then create something with it. You can use it on a card or think completley outside the box. It's up to you! You would then need to photograph or scan the finished product and upload to the Paperthreads Gallery. When you finish with one file then you can request another one and start the process over again! I will ask that you be able to create at minimum 1 project a month. If you can do more then I will consider that a BONUS!

If you are interested, just send me an email at

along with a couple of photographs of your work showing why you would be the best person to join my crazy ride! Right now I'm just looking at adding 1 person, but that doesn't mean that if you knock my socks off I won't reconsider LOL! Tell me a little about yourself and what you like and enjoy doing.

Looking forward to hearing from you!