Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March and looking for a Creative Design Team Member!

Well, we're sitting here with a winter storm watch for our area calling for between 6-12 inches! Now, I have heard this before so I really don't take much stock in it until I see it...feels cold enough, but still lol!

Things are going pretty well and I have been very constructive! I created 4 really cool files and joined them into 1 money saving collection. In addition, it is 50% off this month so you get everything for only $ 5.00! That's a huge savings and works out to only $ 1.25 a file!

If you have any pictures of family, or any school sock hops that you have been wanting to create a layout for, then now is the time to do it. You can also use some of the cute details for the front of cards and invites. Make sure to check out my "ROCK AND ROLL COLLECTION" and don't wait too long!

I'm also going to have a coupon this week for a couple of other new files (St. Patrick's Day related) which I will share with you later this week...make sure you check back here for the codes! After all who doesn't like to save some money?!!

I'm looking ahead to warmer weather and spring and working on some new files. Speaking of which...

I'm looking for a Creative Design Team Member! It's pretty simple really. I'm looking for someone who enjoys creating projects and would like to receive some free files.

You would simply choose one of my single files and then create something with it. You can use it on a card or think completley outside the box. It's up to you! You would then need to photograph or scan the finished product and upload to the Paperthreads Gallery. When you finish with one file then you can request another one and start the process over again! I will ask that you be able to create at minimum 1 project a month. If you can do more then I will consider that a BONUS!

If you are interested, just send me an email at

along with a couple of photographs of your work showing why you would be the best person to join my crazy ride! Right now I'm just looking at adding 1 person, but that doesn't mean that if you knock my socks off I won't reconsider LOL! Tell me a little about yourself and what you like and enjoy doing.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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