Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy !!!!

So last night I got a call from my daughter....voice quiet and shaky...."Mom"

Ok so the first thing in my head is...."is she ok? what's wrong? what what what??"

"Yes Honey, what's up?" in a happy chirpy tone hoping above hope that nothing horrible has happened.

"I um....Alexi asked me to Marry Him....I'm engaged!!!!"

Hoot and Hollering ensue...joyful tears spring to my eyes...went to bed with and woke up with a "BABY" is getting married....

....I'm really old!

Everyone have a Wonderful Day!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

March 2012...Really?

Wow has it really been that long since I last posted?  Crazy!!!

I could say that life has been crazy, work hectic, etc etc, but the truth is somewhere in there you would think I would have found a "little" time to catch up with you all here.

Well spring came, the garden got planted and I was able to can a bunch of yummy foods including jars of Salsa (thanks to Shirley's inspiration) and 32 jars of blackberry jelly (thanks to my INCREDIBLE fruiting vines) this year!  Tomatoes didn't do too well because of the heat but I have a box of them on my counter that I MUST do something with before they go bad...I guess it's going to be the standard sauce.

I did watch a YouTube video on how to make homemade ravioli and during a visit my Mom made up here we made them and can I say yummy!  Gotta love YouTube...lots of great ways to learn new things (and cute kitten clips too!)

What else, oh yeah...I am now "officially" a Mother In Law....can you believe it?!  My oldest got married to a most wonderful young lady. The wedding was lovely but more importantly, my Son found the "lid to his pot" and she feels the same about him.  We are so happy and blessed.

We did take a trip to Ohio to spend time with DH's oldest son, wife and grand kids as well as his youngest son too.  It was such a whirlwind trip (always too short) but in that time we got to do sightseeing, touring, visiting and even a side trip to visit his brother on his little farm.  Of course we drove up with the 2 dogs and 1 ca-dog so fun times were had by all!

I really haven't had a lot of time to work on paper crafting though I was able to make a few cards here and there.  I have pretty much been focused on creating and selling my rhinestone transfers on ETSY.

That has been doing fairly well and in response to the various requests, I created a second shop where I sell finished items like Shirts for Men, Women and Girls as well as Aprons, Tote Bags and Kindle Covers!  If you are interested in seeing that one here is the link for my ETSY2 store.  The Got Fangs? Rhinestone T Shirt to the left is one I just finished recently along with some other "halloween" themed ones.  Stop on by and take a look!  If there is something in particular you want but don't see, just drop me a line.  I LOVE CUSTOM!

I also created an actual FACEBOOK page and if you get a chance I would love it if you would come over and "like" me.  It would also give you a chance to see new products I put up in my shop as well as discount coupon codes when available.

I AM going to start adding some new files to my Paperthreads Store.  Can I say that I really LOVE the new look!  Michelle really worked hard on that and I for one think it looks Awesome!  I actually have a bunch of new files created, I just haven't test cut them.  Once I do, then I will start the conversions and uploads.  Fall is here and with that comes the cool air which actually puts a kick in my step....

...thanks for hanging in with me and looking forward to being better in touch!

Eddita :)