Sunday, February 15, 2009

1 More Day and Hodge Podge Challenge has been Posted!

Ok Everyone, the day is almost here...the 2nd Annual Paperthreads Customer Appreciation Day!

Don't miss out on the fun including a way to get free files (check back here tomorrow for full information) as well as joining in on some challenges and fun things to do! Also, ALL the designers files will be on sale so make sure you get to the store and see what is available!

As I said yesterday, I am hosting a Hodge Podge Challenge...What's that you ask? Just click on this link to take you to the forum and get all of the information you need AND to sign up! I hope lots of you do as this is going to be fun! Also, as I do understand work and scheduling, this challenge will run through Thursday with the winner being announced on Friday. The really cool thing about this challenge is that for those Moms and Dads with younger kids, this is a chance for them to help you out!
Also, I am cohosting (very small CO since Ileana is taking the lead on it) a Save Gas, Stay Home and Scrap Challenge...Check that one out.

Now as I said there is going to be a lot going on tomorrow and we hope you will be able to join in! For all the see and things to do, here is the main thread so you can go through it all and sign up! Last year this was a lot of fun and I expect it will ONLY be better!


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