Wednesday, February 18, 2009

After the Big Bash it's time to clean up!

At least that's how I feel right now LOL! There was so much going right into and on the day of the Customer Appreciation Day that I have spent the last couple of days regrouping.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day and enjoyed the free offerings and all of the games and challenges on the board!

I'm pretty excited that so many people took me up on my Hodge Podge Challenge. I just wanted to give you a quick peek of what my messy paper looked like after I cut it out:

Isn't that neat...the challenge was really one geared to show you how easy it is to make your own one of a kind designed by you cardstock!

I did make a card with it which I will share a little later once everyone has put theirs into the gallery. Laury jumped right in and posted her pic to the gallery. Now she killed 2 birds with one stone by using Jan's flower challenge and mine together for a super cute card! Make sure you check back and see the other ones that should start to trickle in!

Have a great night everyone!

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