Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My First Digi Files (and special savings to you!)

Ok, this is not going to be a long post since I have to get the recycling out and then get ready for bed (yea....I know it's not even 7pm but my eyes are so very tired and the allergies are kicking my bottom!)

Anyway, I am so excited that my very first 2 digi fies have been uploaded to the store!

As you can see in the picture, this consists of a branch with the cherry blossoms inside a scalloped frame. I have also included extra flowers which you can cut out and add to the top of the image to allow them to pop.

Also, in order to provide you with more options, for those of you using cutters, I am providing two background cut lines: 1 solid background that runs on the outside of the scalloped frame and 1 that has cut lines both on the outside and the inside of the stamp.

At first I was only going to do a "boy" robot but when I got to thinking, I remembered watching hours of Lost in Space with my brother and LoViNg the Robot! Then I thought I CAN'T be the only girl who likes robots and thus Roberta was created! I like to think of them as fraternal twins LOL!

With this set I have included the additional images, like her skirt and pearls and his box and antennae to give the finished piece a little pizzaz!

Now...about the special savings....since these ARE my very FIRST Digi files, I have put them on sale for 50% OFF! This sale will last through Sunday, so if you want them, make sure you check them out.

Let me know what you think and if you use them, please try to send me a copy of what you made so I can share it here with others.

Well....best be off to get my stuff done....Thanks for looking and I hope everyone has a wonderful night!

Eddita :)


Barracudasue said...

Oh, sure, Eddita, AFTER I purchase the cherry blossom digi, you put it on sale. ROFLOL It's ok---you work hard on your files so full price is A-OK with me. After all, I wanted it no matter what the price. LOL

I LOVE it! I really like the robots, too!

Barracudasue said...

OOPS! I was mistaken....I'm sorry Eddita, I DID get the digi for half price! I just saw my receipt. I'm sorry...and thank you for the sale! Picture me hanging my head in shame...LOL

Elizabeth said...

Sue, you are way too funny. I do agree with you, these digi images are awesome.