Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well I went to JoAnne's.... with my DMS (Darling Middle Son) who is looking for what they call "fashion" belt buckles for a leather project he is creating (though a lot smaller than what he has been able to locate) and on the way out we came across the "classroom" area in the back where I saw an associate unpacking a Cricut Cake machine and looking through the manual etc.

We chatted a bit and she told me she is going to be doing a demo this weekend when they unveil it and I asked her if they had any of the accessories in, like the cutting mat. She got on her little intercom ear walkie talkie I'm connected to the store thingy and called and sure enough they were in...just not out to the public yet. I guess I looked disappointed because she told me to stay still and she went to the back and brought it out to for $ 12.99 (I had forgotten my 40% off coupon...Darn!) I am now the proud owner of the 2 pack of mats.

They have the same feel as the regular mats(consistency and textured back) but have concentric circles on the front starting at 2" and going out to 12", 12" x 12" grid, but do not have any adhesive on the front (which makes sense...duh LOL!) It is also labeled as being made with "Food-Safe" materials. They also have an "odd" smell.

Cutting gumpaste is actually one of the things I want to work on doing to help my DD in case she needs any decorations for the cakes she has been making. Normally she cuts everything out by hand or using a fondant cutter, but this might also be a good option for her as well. I have a gumpaste recipe that is purported to work excellently with the Cricut machine so I'll give it a go and you know me, will share the outcome when I actually get it made.

Nothing much else going on...I'm really looking forward to Friday and getting some things done around the house, but mostly relaxing and maybe watching a movie or two. The 2 dogs and 1 CaDog are doing well. Maybe if the weather stays nice we'll get out for a ride but as always, it's one of those whim things.

Oh...just got a coupon from my Most Favorite Massage Guy in the mail....I think it's a hint....I might just have to call him and take him up on it THAT really gives me something to look forward to LOL!

Anyway, stay safe everyone!

Eddita :)


Elizabeth said...

Awesome "find" at Joann's. Have a fun weekend :)

janice said...

You cut it all w/ the KNK, right?