Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tornado Siren, Sneak Peek and New Quick & Dirty

This is going to be a long read, so make sure you're comfy and relaxed and enjoy :)

Every time we go to Sam's club they always have fresh great looking bags of mussells. My daughter commented how delicious they are and how she learned to make them in culinary and I told her I had never had them. I know my Mom loves them so we decided we would visit her and take along the makings. I thought about buying them in advance, but I wanted fresh......

So, after my daughter finished making her fondant (for the new cake she has been commissioned) we headed out to Sam's...guess what...No Mussells!

I said that's ok...we can drive down the hightway and get off at one of the exits where I know there is a big grocery store which is perfect because we also need crusty bread....well guess what....they were working on renovations and there was NO Seafood Dept which means NO MUSSELLS!!!

See my frantic little guy in my QMC ad? That's how I am feeling. Then I remember there is another big grocery store in a shopping center behind where we were and this time NO Grocery Store! Well there was one but ALL Indian food ALL the time....We were getting ready to get back on the highway when my daughter spied a Safeway and so we got in there and Finally....Mussells....she asked the doof (I mean young guy behind the counter) when they came in and he (the doof) told us that was hard to tell but we said we would take 2 bags. We finally got out of there and headed to my mom's. Got there...Amber started cleaning them only to find almost 1/2 were dead or had broken shells so were unusable....argh! Did I say doof??? I meant liar liar pants on fire!

Well, when all was said and done , she prepared what was left perfectly. I really enjoyed them and now wonder why I never have picked them when we go eat seafood...note to self...mussells are yummy! In any case, we enjoyed the wonderful food and helped organize a little around the house and then after visiting came home. With me I brought 2 boxes of family photos...I'm going to have to go through them (along with the others I have) and then DH is going to set up a table and I'm going to start scanning....but that will be for another day!

This is where the Tornado Siren comes in....

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:::::we now return you to your regularly posted blog::::::

So the ride home is pretty uneventful...I'm traveling about 65 and the roads and not backed up. I call my hubby and tell him we are on our way. He warns us to be careful because things have been dicey at home. Now understand, where we live it's pretty safe from harm as we have some small mountains surrounding us that keep most of the bad things's not like we live in the Midwest where areas can be flat and susceptible.

I hang up and tell my daughter what he said and commented that it was odd as we were still about 30 minutes out and while overcast skies, I could see hints of blue in the sky and no rain....well, that should teach me to open my sooner had the words left my lips that all of a sudden the skies started to go from overcast to medium gray, to dark gray, to almost black gray (reminded me of the various colormate paper hues!) and the winds started buffeting and the rain starts to pour! There is nothing I hate more than to drive in the dark IN the rain but there I was. When I say rain it's not a "Singing in the Rain" kind of rain...we are talking sheets. My daughter and I sat straight up, I turned on my flashers, downshifted and hit my brakes a couple of times so that the guy behind us would back off. We're cruising at a steady 10-15 mph and passing tons of cars that had pulled off on the shoulder. We were in it for 15-20 minutes when it finally let up. That's about the time I remembered to start breathing again. A little while later we pull in the driveway and are greated with hugs. I told hubby how worried I had been and he told me that had been the whole day here...and not only that, that the Tornado Sirens had been going off.

I said the what? and he reitereated the Tornado Sirens. I told him I didn't know we had any and he said that neither had he! They went on for a good 10 minutes and they were loud enough that he said you would think they were going on in the house! The dogs were freaked out, he was checking the weather and saw the boxes appear on the map. He tried to round them up to go to the basement and couldn't find the G-Pup who had bailed and was hiding somewhere. Then all of a sudden he said, the sirens stopped. Phew disaster averted though I keep hearing fire truck and ambulance sirens all around right now.

I guess if I had a choice I would much rather hear "sorry mussells" than Tornado Sirens! for the Sneak Peak....

the other day Sue (aka baracudasue) sent a request on the forum for playground equipment. I just had to write her and give her not just a hint but a little more of one of the files that will be included in my QMC starting in May titled "Playground Fun".

She sent me not only a pic of the file she cut out but also shared her layout with me....are you ready???

I'm sure she will post her layout to the forum where you can get a better look, but I think she did a wonderful job! I love how she made the swings look like they were moving in mid air, and while it may be hard to see, she put glitter on the slide which made it sparkle in that way that tells you that you are about to burn the skin right off your legs LOL! Thank you Sue!!!

Now where I am...oh yea, that's right a New Quick and Dirty!

Not sure if you noticed, but in the left column you will see a picture of a file with the word "Love". If you click on the image it will take you to my latest YouTube video. It's a quick way to add shadows to your vinyl wall lettering. It's been such a long time since I created one that it took me a lot of trials and errors before getting it right. For those who like to have a file with a tutorial, right below is the sample I used for the video in all of the formats...maybe some of you will be able to use it....simple enough to enlarge, just make sure you do it all at the same time! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.'s almost 9pm, my fingers are about to fall off, I'm making big yawny noises and I'm about to turn into a pumpkin.

Until next time!
Eddita :)


debenj said...

OK... I WANT... No... I NEED... No... I HAVE TO HAVE... No... WOULD like to have that playground file set :) SOooooo is that going to be one of the first files in the membership?

Great job on the layout too Sue! Very cute

Sue aka barracudasue said...

Shhhh, Deb, don't let anyone know but I do believe it's going to be one of the first. Maybe not THE first but I bet it's going to be right up there. LOL

I was just blessed enough to request a file that Eddita had already done for the membership. She let me in on it and since I was going to get it no matter what, I just got it a little a head of time. It cuts SO good and it's a quick assembly. It is just PERFECT for what I needed. THANKS AGAIN, EDDITA!

Now that my LO is on the blog, I'm going to go a head and upload it in the Gallery. Of course, it's all about Clay!