Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Spring and Limited Time Coupon Code 50% off

I love this little file that was inspired by all of the fun I have when my kids come over and cook with me. It reminds me of making cookings and treats with them when they were little.
Now grown up, I love to see the looks on their faces when they are creating a wonderful meal!

My daughter made a Chicken Picatta and since we didn't have all of the "right" ingredients had to really work had at fixing the way too tart flavor of the sauce (I used that "Real Lemon" juice instead of Real Lemon juice and ugh!) by adding more chicken broth, thickening it and adding spices.

My son at Thanksgiving butterflied a turkey and we just sat there and between laughing and being horrified by what was being done to the bird really enjoyed the compliments about how delicious it turned out!

The reason I am telling you this is that, until Tomorrow, 19 April 2009, this file is 50% off! You will need to type in the coupon code to get the discount: EC_0409_25253

>What else has been going on? Well so very much! We had a wonderful Easter last week. My daughter started going to a new church a while ago and after a lot of thought and soul searching and speaking with the Pastor, decided she wanted to join and be Baptized. She, like all teenagers, went through her share of struggles and bad decisions, but I really feel this was a good one for her. We went to their Easter service and I could see how wonderful all of the parishiners are and got to speak with the Pastor who was very kind. I could really see that he cares about my daughter and is there to help her get closer and learn more of God's wonderful love.
We also went to my sister's house for Easter brunch and watched the kids go hunt for their eggs. Too funny to watch...every kid looking to make sure they got their fair share, etc. In the end bunny ears were eaten first and I'm sure tummy aches ensued in the evening!

I got some pics from Ginger of some cards she made as well as some pics from my DIL showing how the Rock and Roll Collection decorations turned out. I was impressed!

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend...if you are following the Bingo Game I'm hosting this month you will see that a number of words have been called...I'm trying to do a few here and, I have some dog nose prints to remove from some windows...then I think I'm going to tackle the dreaded "junk drawer"!
Have fun everyone!

Eddita :)

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