Friday, October 2, 2009

Freebies, Blog Hop & Sale!!!

Paperthreads is having it's 3rd Anniversary tomorrow October 3rd and it is going to be a fun day!!!

Make sure you come back here tomorrow early to join into the fun. We are going to have a blog hop where you will start on one of the designers pages who will link you to another and so on and so on until you are left dizzy but with a bunch of cool FREE files! On top of that some people will be hosting challenges and others will be offering Blog Candy! I'm also have a HUGE sale!

Please make sure you leave comments for me and everyone you download a file really brings a smile to all of our faces just knowing you enjoy the freebies.

For those of you who have been thinking about joining the vacation club membership, it is coming to an end. I'm not 100% sure but I think your last day to purchase is tomorrow and you will only have a day or so to download the OVER 60 FILES....and all of those for ONLY $ 15!!! Even better, the proceeds from your purchase goes 100% to the Schwartz family! Just go to the link at the top left corner of the screen. I know the family has appreciated everyone's generosity and you get a lot of wonderful files at a deep discount!

Now...let's see....remember I told you in an earlier blog that I was taking a class but wasn't going to share with you unless I passed....well....I passed! It is official...I can now ride a motorcycle LOL!!! I have my certificate and today I'm going to the MVA to get the official Class "M" license! Do I have a bike? Nope, but I have a skill, and for me that is really what matters...who knows, maybe one day I will come out of a building and all of sudden asteroids will be falling from the sky and I need to get out of the area quickly and being that my car has been blocked in I see a motorcycle just idling (and the owner of course says take it) and I jump on....before I would not know what to do,but Now....I can jump on and go bahahahahahahahahahah!!!!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful day today! Don't forget to come back tomorrow for all of the fun!

Eddita :)


Anonymous said...

not to mention now you can rent a bike anywhere. If you do get a bike it helps on insurance too. But you already know this. Have fun with it. Love Ya! Games

Accents By Eddita said...

Games...I have been wondering if you can rent bikes but so far I haven't found anything around here...hmmmmm....did go and get a helmet today and started looking for bikes. Figured if I found a used one I would need a helmet to test drive LOL!
Eddita :)

Caroline said...

well... congratulations!! and of course... it is very important that you can legally ride someone elses bike in case of an emergency where the sky is falling in!! LOL cheers, caz

sussann said...

Congrats on passing your motorcycle class! Hubby and I took the class earlier this month and it was great. Hope you find a bike you love sometime! I've been riding for about a year and it's wonderful.

Felicia P. said...

Thanks for the free file it is so cool.
Felicis P.

CarriesWhimzy said...

Thank you for the free files. Especially love the nubian goat - brought back great memories of times spent with my daughter at county fairs!

SunnyNP said...

Cool design! Thanks for sharing!