Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tell Me It's NOT SO!!!

Has it really been almost 2 months since my last posting?! I sit here trying to think of what I have been doing and I guess with family things as well as home and work, I have been pretty much non-stop.

I did go to the Paperthreads Retreat held recently in Baltimore and can I say what a Wonderful time I had. A few of the gals from the SC retreat were able to come and I got to meet and put faces together with the names on the forum! What a whirlwind, I could have used a couple more days just to be able to finish everything I wanted to!

I have been saving up money for awhile and yes...I broke down and purchased a KNK Maax! I love my 13 inch KNK but I have been coveting the Maax for awhile since it had a little more pressure and also had the laser to help with Print and Cuts.

I've decided to keep the 13" model as my daughter has expressed her desire for it so that she can use it for cutting gumpaste for her cake decorations. I know she will get some great use from it!

I have also been busy creating some new files which I have uploaded to the site. Keep an eye out for them as they will be hitting the store soon!
This first one is a Digi Stamp and I used a picture I have of Guinness Pup as my inspiration. I just thought that with the Fall Season upon us this would make a cute Halloween Card but it would look equally as nice on a layout. I made up a bunch of cards to send out to the family but pictures really don't convey how really cool they look in person.
I also created a BOO Pumpkin file and made it so you could use either horizontally or vertically. Since I am always trying to find cute ways to journal, I also included a single pumpkin in case you want to enlarge and use as a journaling block.

I also finally got around to finishing up my Robots Galore File. You may remember I did a Robbie/Roberta Robot Digi file awhile back. Well here are there friends in cut file format. I will
eventually make digitize these as well.
Also, as it has been FOREVER since I have had a sale, I just want to let you know that all my files will be on sale shortly. I will let you know when it starts, just check back to find out when it starts fo you can really SAVE!
Until tomorrow!
Eddita :)


Anna said...

Great to have you back...I was wondering about you. Glad to know all is well. Great Files!!!

Kelly S said...

I have missed your posts, Eddita. Your new files look wonderful!

Accents By Eddita said...

Thanks Gals! I amd all well and good :)