Monday, November 10, 2008

I thought everything was going so well & an Announcement!

Well I did believe everything was going well until...we came home after work only to find foam and carpet fibers spread around the rug and in the middle of it all we see.....are you ready now.....THIS! A 6" on the diagonal piece of rug and padding gone so all you could see was the wood underlayment!!!

We thought that our darling Daisy pup was ready to not be crated all day...after all on weekends when we have been in and out we had been leaving her out with Toby and when we would come home they were just two happy dogs, excited to see us come home...well as you can see, we thought wrong!

Of course I just pointed to the hole and looked at the dogs and said "Now WHO did this to my rug?!" Toby just looked at me and Daisy dropped her ears down flat and slunk out of the room....hmmmmm do ya think it was her???? Couldn't be...after all she looks so innocent!!

Fortunately, my DH is the Handiest of men and he looked at me and said...oh well, things happen....and anyway, we were going to eventually need to replace the rug....huh??? While my head was spinning as I vacuumed up a carpet (which we can ill afford to replace right now) he jumped on the internet, researched what he needed and made a list.

The next day, he went shopping and here is what he did....Step one: Sacrificing a cookie tin lid, he used it as a template and cut out a neat looking hole to which he placed a piece of foam we picked up at Joanne's. Step two: Using some special rug tape he bought he placed it on top of the foam and finally Step three: Using special glue, he placed it on the edges to it would adhear and then placed a piece of rug (we cut out of a very inconsipicuous location and placed it in the hole (making sure the grain was going in the same direction as the carpet. Step three: he put a very heavy box and let it sit overnight....doesn't it look good?! After letting it sit he used the steam cleaner and vaccuum over it so it all melded together....Woo Hoo....My DH ROCKS!!

Now, unless you are standing right over it looking down, you can't even tell there was a problem....we did learn our lesson however....Daisy is back in a crate....I know we are still going to have to replace eventually, but at least it gives us a little time to save up some money and get throught the holidays, which leads me to my next announcement....I'm having a sale for my Birthday! Woo Hoo!

I hinted it at it the other day and said that the percentage would be my age...while there are some people who where guessing super high percentages (like walking dead 100%) one person (my favorite at this moment said 20...ahhhh CPC you are golden right now LOL!). The truth of the matter is that I am going to be....47 on November 12th! According to my mother who doesn't see the fascination in my sharing my real age, I'm actually pretty happy about it. You see....I really thought I was going to be 48 until DH pointed out that as I was born in '61 I was only going to be 47...Woo Hoo...that was the best present he could have given me LOL!

In any case, make sure you hit my sale. It is the best one I am going to have through the end of the year so don't delay....after all...I have to be able to put away pennies for a new carpet!
Eddita :)

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debenj said...

Walking dead??? Wondering who that was??? LOL Sorry to be laughing about your Daisy but with an Erniecane in our house you learn to laugh because crying only depresses you (trust me I know!!!)... LOL. Shannon's(DD) Bloodhounds Sunny & Daisy have taken a toll on their house. Sunny likes furniture (they have all Amish from Lancaster,PA) and Daisy likes carpet too! Wondering if it's the name :). Love your DH's attitude, and you're right, Daisy looks so innocent!