Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Monday, updates and a couple of reminders....

First let me say that I have been pretty constructive over the weekend. I helped my DH trim the bushes outside, bring in the fountain, cleared out the old tomato plants, etc in anticipation of winter. We still have a little more to do out back but we're almost there!

I also learned how to make a couple of DELICIOUS chicken recipes! I know I am an Alton Brown addict, but this week I went to the library and took out a couple of DVD's from "America's Test Kitchen". I have seen this show on the local PBS channel a few times and have really enjoyed it and was surprised to see them available on the shelf. The first one I borrowed was one called Best Weeknight Recipes and the other was called Best Baking Recipes. If your local library rents DVDs I would really recommend them! So far, everything I have made has exceeded my expectations. In addition to the chicken dishes I made cornbread but instead of a big muffin (since I am watching my weight (17 lbs down so far woo hoo!) I made them in tiny muffin tins (pampered chef purchase years ago) and they came out delicious! Each DVD had the recipes which I printed out and I'm ready to cook away...I won't even get started on the Baking Recipes DVD except to say we will be using the deep dish apple pie one...since my daughter will be in charge of that one I will let you know how it turns out after Thanksgiving....Anyway...I digress...I know you can purchase them as well but they are a little pricy and the only way to see on their webiste is to pay to join their site...I'm not much into it but there is a free 14 day trial I may have to check out!

OK, now as far as reminders go...If you have not already responded to the email Paperthreads subscription request (to confirm your email) please make sure you do right away....I think (though I can't confirm) something nice will come your way if you do. Also, make sure you are signed up for the Newsletter! Each month there are informative articles as well as some great free files (available for a limited time). I just finished the one I am offering this month but the only way you will be able to get it (at no cost) is to sign up for the newsletter! I came up with this little fellow who would rather be playing ball than a guest of honor on your table! The football is actually a seperate piece which you can place anywhere...I just thought it looked cute weaved into his feathers.

Well, I guess that's it for other reminder...(here I am getting up on my soapbox) Don't Forget to VOTE tomorrow!!! Anyone who knows me knows that I get that lump in my throat whenever I hear our National Anthem played, knows that my tears well up and knows that I am very proud to be an American. Along with that pride is the responsiblity to go to the polls and cast my ballot. It doesn't matter whether my candidate is ahead or behind in the polls...polls are just numbers which can be manipulated in either direction....also, there are tons of people like myself who refuse to take part in them because they are manipulated.

For example, if you asked a room of 500 people to decide whether french fries should be served in restaurants and only 250 people in the room responded to the poll and of those 150 said they shouldn't then the polls would say that french fries were no longer in fashion by a wide margin and would most likely be voted out. Well what about the other 250 people who didn't respond to the poll? We don't know what they actually cast their ballot...I guess I'm just asking for all of you to just get out there and is just one of the "perks" we have as American citizens...born or naturalized and the way we continue having a democratic process...(off my soapbox now!)

Well everyone take care and be safe!

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