Monday, April 21, 2008

Free Cow File (.KNK & .GSD formats)

As I said previously I am pretty new to this so let's see if I can do this right! Every so often I will be sharing a file with you that you can download free!

I used to live near tons of cows but with time, more people coming to the area means new growth, new construction and fewer farms. We still have a small operation nearby but sadly nothing like the way it used to be.

This was the inspiration for what I simply call "COW". This file can be used for the front of a card (as shown in my little pictured example)as well as a layout of a school trip to a farm or if you use your cutter for vinyl or t'shirts transfers a cool look for your car or wardrobe! The choices are yours!

Do me a favor, if you use it, please send me a quick email with a copy of your finished product so I can share it here.


Free Cow .GSD File

Free Cow .KNK File

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