Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is it Friday Yet?

I don't know why sometimes a week will appear to fly by while others just seem to slow down. I guess as I get older I should start appreciating the slow weeks, but I am always so anxious to get to Friday, I sometimes forget to stop and smell the flowers.

I am thinking that I am going to offer a free file on Fridays. It may be here on this blog or you may have to go play hunt and seek at the CuttersMarket site. The purpose of offering the files is to let you try them out and hopefully like what I create.

To this end, I am going to ask you to please think about the files you would like to see. You can post here on the blog or you can send me an email directly to accentsbyeddita@gmail.com

I will get the information in either case.

Now, I have just posted a really cute card over at CuttersMarket. If you are looking for a quick and easy card for Mom (reminder...the clock is ticking) this may be just what you are looking for!

You can use the file as it is or you can use just the word Mom....or just the little vase with the flowers....or just the flowers...resize it, rotate it, mirror it...make it your own, it's your card!

If you use it, please send me a pic and I will be happy to post it here the same as I would do with anything you make. Also, if you send me a picture of something you have made with a file purchased file CuttersMarket, I will send you a single file of your choice as a thank you. That's like getting 2 for 1!

Well, enough rambling for now! I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the night (or day depending on where you are located!).

Don't forget, send me your ideas for free files...you never know when your suggestion will show up!



Lisa said...

You know me...user knk'r loves free files!
My goal over summer break is learn to make them finally. :)

debenj said...

Nice BLOG site Eddita!
Wishing you the best with your sales :) I'll be around! Deb