Saturday, December 13, 2008

BIG Sale This Weekend and more....

I want to start by letting all of you know that I am having 2 sales this month. The first one is this weekend and then the second one is right after Christmas (which I can't believe is almost here!)

I have only a few more things I need to get but I'm pretty ready for it (at least I keep telling myself that so I don't stress out and end up buying everyone a fruitcake in the end!)

I have a full day planned finishing up some Christmas Cards and Gifts and my daughter and I will be working on her Christmas presents for her friends and family...homemade peanut butter cups! Last year she did chocolate covered pretzels which were a hit so I don't expect any less from her candies this year.

I'll try to get on later to let you know how it went but for now...lots to do!

Eddita :)

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