Monday, July 12, 2010

Hubby's BDay - Medieval Times

It's been quite a whirlwind of activity around here this last week. As I mentioned before the family has been visiting and last night we went to a mall near BWI airport to take the GrandGirls to the Bass Pro Shop to do activities and see the fish in the big tank etc...actually that is the story we told DH.

Now you have to understand, he "HATES" going to malls, but he was a sport and came along. I thought the girls would take a lot longer to paint the birdhouses but it only took about 35-40 minutes which meant we still had another 1.5 hours to hang out before heading to our true final destination...Medieval Times! For those who have never been, it's a 2 hour dinner with show with the good vs. evil theme. All food is eaten with your hands while you watch the knights joust and do battle...but I digress.

So there we are trying to stretch the time out and DIL and I are hopping to one store while DH sits in a chair in the middle of the mall and then his boys have to go to Best Buy and then I remember I need something at Bed Bath and Beyond, etc...the whole time DH is starting to squirm and ask what time are we leaving...I told him 4 pm. At one point he looks over to me ans says that he swears he heard my Sister's voice but didn't see her...I looked around and didn't see her either (thank goodness because she and her family were meeting us at the castle along with the rest of the family for DH surprise party). Now he had been sitting staring into a shoe store for awhile and I knew he needed a new casual pair so we actually were able to do a little shopping for him as well.

FINALLY 4pm comes and we start to walk around and he sees the castle but says "what's that big stone wall thing" and me being quick on my toes says "its an arcade" wasn't until we were actually up at the doors and he sees people inside at tables and the horns blowing that he sees the WHOLE family lined up waiting to wish him a Happy Birthday! He was SURPRISED!!!

We went inside, I got him a drink, we mingled and talked and then we were the first group led inside and seated...all 20 of us! He really enjoyed it and we ALL had a good time. They even called out his name when they listed the celebrations that were occuring and the King wished him well on his "VERY BIG" Birthday LOL! I have posted a video snippet of the show for you below.

You may have noticed the picture at the top of this post. It is the latest file which I have just posted to the quarterly membership file No. 14. It's a cute Name Holder Place Card for those who go to crops. Even if you don't go you can always use the cute accents on any layout for that special touch. Special Thanks to Elizabeth (scramper75) for cutting it out in order to share with all of you!
Well that's about it for now...more updates later!

Eddita :)

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