Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I scream, You scream, we all.....

Before I start, I just wanted to show you the latest files that have been uploaded to my membership since last we chatted. First one for those who have upcoming baby showers or new baby events, there is my Stork Card. I designed this one to hold either a single bundle or multiple ones (I used it for triplets recently!) I really like this one and the cute bowtie on Mr. Stork's neck and tophat just gives him that air of distiction, don't you agree?

The next file uploaded is my Super Cute Bunny Frame/Overlay. This actually consists of 2 files so you can use it either way you want. I'm horrible at making decisions so I figured why now just include both? Even though Spring has come and gone I know that like myself, you all have some cute pics that are just waiting to be highlighted.

So a little time to catch up...right now where I am, the heat is at a record high! We hit 110 on our outdoor thermometer last week and there was only 5% humidity. Hubby pointed out that is what people call a "dry heat". I went outside under the shade of our porch and felt the breeze and thought to myself "THIS IS CRAZY HOT!!!" Hot is Hot! Friends of ours purchased a vacation home in Arizona and keep trying to get us to go down for a week in August with them and the answer for sure is now no way! I'm happy to go in the winter but can I just say, ugh! I am not a "hot weather" gal in any shape of the term LOL!

One of the things that makes me feel better is my fruit smoothies (I shared previously that I had purchased a VitaMix and I'm still loving it! They really are refreshing! I purchase the fruit when in season and go ahead and peel and cut up and then pop in the freezer. Super easy to just grab what I want and then make up a drink.

The other of course is the rest of the title of this posting....we all scream for Ice Cream! Yay!!! I have always enjoyed eating home made ice cream and really love when the churches in the area put on their Ice Cream Socials. For that reason I created this cute file which is being added to my Quarterly Membership Club today. A Ice Cream Maker! It not only includes the old fashioned machine but a title and a bowl of that sweet creamy treat ready to eat with a spoon! Remember, this isn't available in the store yet, only in my QMC as part of the 20+ files for only $ 10! Just click on this link to get started!

Ok, so when people talk about the lazy days of summer, I'm not sure exactly what they are talking about...I have been super busy and it just doesn't seem to be slowing down. I have so much to talk about (including my experience at the car dealer) but I need to go upload the ice cream file and finish up some things around the house...I'll try to get back on soon!



janice said...

I couldn't find an email address for you so I'll just post my thanks to you here. Your video tutorials have been extremely helpful and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to film them and then post them here. I'm really glad I found your blog.

Accents By Eddita said...


Thank you for the lovely compliment. If you ever need to reach me my email is:

Eddita :)