Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy (almost) New Year Everyone!

Time continues to fly doesn't it?!

As a child it seemed like it took forever to get to Saturday and Sunday and NOW my weeks are flying by so fast that every time I turn around I'm already into the weekend and even then don't have a moment to relax! DH lovingly points out that it has to do because of my gasp age! Is that it OR is it that I have so very much I want to do that I'm trying to cram it all in and I don't notice the time go by? I hate to think it's because I'm on a geriatric slippery slope....

Speaking of set in my ways, DH finally has pulled me kicking and screaming into the current century (computer-wise that is). He insisted that I could no longer continue running on my Windows XP (which I had no problems with!) and instead upgrade to Windows 7. Harumphhh!

So we did it. Everything has been upgraded and with that begins my learning curve on the windows applications and their "ribbons" which I personally detest (though I understand many people love them). Finally found the right settings so that my dear dear KNK can cut as well as some of my other programs (i.e. embroidery) to work.

So I guess I'm good for another 10 years LOL!

I think that I had mentioned previously, but I have been really getting into rhinestone designing and am even selling some finished iron transfers in my etsy store but have run into a little glitch with the conversion to .svg files. Once I can get that straightened out I hope to start listing in the stores. While we are in winter my mind is already wandering to the summer. Because of that I am sharing here a pic of two files that will eventually go into the store. If you have any ideas or wants or needs, let me know, you know I always love a challenge!

(Click on the picture to see a little bigger and clearer)

So finally, back to the topic...New Years! How are you all celebrating? We're not really planning on anything crazy, probably a movie and then sleep (oh my goodness geezerville here I come!)I did make it all the way to midnight last year but not sure if it will happen again this year LOL!

Any resolutions? I can't think of any right now other than the usual try to loose weight and exercise more. Maybe I should pick some that I can actually manage like: Eat Chocolate EVERYDAY, watch a few more tv shows, don't worry when I see a mountain of laundry. Those sound like a good start!

Well I hope everyone is well and that 2012 brings you all the Health, Love and Prosperity we all can use.

Hugs for Everyone!

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Lisa said...

I like your alternate resolutions. I could go with those myself.