Saturday, August 9, 2008

Good Morning and Contour Object Part 2

Well, to begin with thank you to everyone who asked how I was feeling. Turns out not only are my alergies kicking up but I also had an ear infection! Thank goodness for the Z-Pack! Now my throat is no longer hurty and I do not have an aching ear which is a blessing!

I just finished Contour Object (the sequel) and added it to the list of Quick & Dirtys. I played with this setting to see what else I could do with it and found that I could not only add mat upon mat but also how to save my settings.

While it in no way replaces the Transform Outline and all of the cool things you can do with that, if you just want to create super fast (simple) mats for an object or text, I think this is the way to go. Just remember that it groups objects by default and it you want them seperate you need to uncheck the "group" box in the menu. If you forget, don't worry, just marquee select the group and go Layout and Ungroup and it will do the same thing.

Play with it for a bit and see what you can come up with. There are so many really neat things that can be done with the KNK studio program that as I find new things, I look forward to sharing them with you here.

Also, I have had a couple of requests to go over how welding works so I am going to create some quick videos to see if I can help take some of the mystery out of it.

I also haven't forgotten the free file for this week. I will try to get that posted soon but first I have to get some stuff done in and around the house.

Talk to you soon!
Eddita :)

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