Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wow, it's been a whirlwind!

I know I keep saying it, but where does the time go?! I had a wonderful week: First I wasn't sick and then Second: my Mom came up on Friday morning to spend the weekend with us!

This was a planned event (not the not being sick part although that really is a blessing) but my Mom coming up. After I got the house all spic 'n span, I had enough time to take a quick shower and check emails for 5 minutes before she arrived. Great timing on my part wouldn't you say??

We went out, I took her to my office, had lunch and came home. We then watched a couple of movies on Netflix (instant streaming). One of them was an Argentinian film based on actual events called "" and the second was an English film called "The Riddle". Both were movies I would probably never picked out in a store, but as Netflix tracks your likes and dislikes, they had chosen them for me. My mom and I both agreed that Cautive was well done (though a bittersweet story) and while she really liked The Riddle (she loves mysteries!) I was more like it was good.

The highlight of the evening was going to the theatre to hear one of our favorite authors speak. His name is Alexander McCall Smith and he has written a number of novels (series actually), our favorite being "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agengy".

He is Scottish, and like any good Scot came wearing his kilt. He was wonderful and then afterwards he signed copies of his books for his countless admirers. He thanked every person who stood in line and did not rush anyone. It was a pleasure to listen to him as well as meet him in person. What an interesting man! If you haven't read any of his books, I do suggest you do, you too will be hooked. By the way, his No. 1 Ladies series is being turned into a HBO mini-series...My Mom & I can't wait!

Anyway, the next day we went to the outlets...only spent 5 hours there...can anyone say "send the foot massage expert in!" Again another great day...this time my daughter joined in the fun!

Speaking of fun....I am going to be hosting the October Bingo at Paperthreads. If you are not already a member, it's super easy and free to join! Just go to the site and get started. If you ARE already a member, make sure you go to the Bingo thread and check out the words I will be posting tomorrow. Send in your list and you too might be the big winner! There will be a few games involved as well!

Hope everyone had a great weekend like I did!

Eddita :)

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