Monday, January 19, 2009

Ant update and new files!

Well, I know you have all been wondering how the ants are doing and I'm here to say we had our first casualty. Not sure what happened to her but we found her little body curled up into a ball with a lot of other ants scurrying to and fro in a worried state. We finally figured out how to extract her without allowing the others to escape so everything seems right again in the colony.

Here is the latest picture and you can see they have been very busy enlarging and connecting tunnels. Check out the large one going down the right side!

I did finally finish the All Occasion Accents file and have just finished sending off to be uploaded to the store. The neat thing is that you can use them for any purpose, card fronts, scrapbook layouts, altered books, tins etc! I used them to make sure really fast and cute notecards since I was running low.

Don't you think they came out cute? I am going to be cutting them out of chipboard as well and adding them to the covers of some notebooks I want to make, so time permitting I will be sharing those here soon too.

I'm trying to look ahead a little and since the next big holiday is valentines, I started thinking what that holiday means to me and the answer was simple. LOVE.

With that in mind, I just finished a new file that I can't even begin to tell you how long it took, from concept to final piece. I'm looking at my desk top at all of the failed attempts but in the end, it was worth it.

This cute file is called "L-O-V-E Spinner"!

The idea came to me a while ago during the summer while watching my Mom's favorite shopping channel (Q...) when the hot item were these metal spinners. I thought what a neat idea and I started with my sketchbook trying to figure out how to translate into paper and what I could make in the end.

The neat thing about this file is that is is comprised of 4 seperate spinner sections which are joined with thread or floss and then hung from the ceiling or doorway. I currently have this hanging near the front door so whenever anyone goes in or out the air causes them to spin independantly of each other. If you look close you will see that the letter "V" is actually a cute stylized heart. Not only would this look great as a Valentine's Day decoration but imagine how sweet it would be at a bridal or baby shower! I can think of other great times this file would be perfect and am sure you can too!

Anyway, I need to go finish some laundry and take care of a couple of more things!

Take care and be safe!


Milliejs said...

Oh, I love the spinners.....and I also want to thank you for the beautiful set you so graciously gave away. Thanks again, Millie

Accents By Eddita said...

You are most welcome Millie...thank you for taking the time to try to guess LOL!

I really love the spinners too! I have mine set up in the entry of my makes me smile as it spins around.

Eddita :)

britta said...

wow D that spinner is totally cool! Camden is excited to see the ants.
And who knew that Mom watches QVC? You learn something new everyday!

love you!

ps I was just checked and tested positive for Lyme's. Obviously I caught it from you! I am waiting for the 2nd pahse of the test results for total verification but am on my 1st round of antibiotics for now. \

Accents By Eddita said...

What??? Lyme? When were YOU outside? LOL!! Good thing you caught it...hopefully you didn't get as bad as I did that year when I couldn't even move a joint without pain.

As far as QVC and Mom....shhh it's a big secret BAHAHAHAH! Heck she even received a signed letter when she hadn't shopped with them for a month asking how she was as they "missed" her (credit card that is!)

Glad Cam's digging the ants...they are coool! If he plays his cards right!