Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winner of Chipboard Question....

Well I got a lot of great answers and the person who got it right one!

Once I tell you the answer you will all groan and say....I should have known that one! It's personal cutter issue No. 1 I think and something we have all done one time or another but I think more likely when we first start learning to cut something out....keep thinking it will come to you.

I do however want to thank everyone who tried so I put everyones name into the "Randomizer" and the name it picked is....Millie...woo hoo! Millie, let me know what version you need (along with your email address) and I will send to you as soon as I finish it up. I have given you all time to think....have you gotten it yet? No...Ok...I'll just keep typing LOL!

Well the ants are really being pretty industrious! After the second night they have done quite a lot of tunneling and have connected tubes and are enlarging areas off to the side where I suppose they would store food (if they were actually going to be receiving any). You see, with the space gel, that not only serves as their tunneling medium but also their food and water....Ants just do what thye do however so we are seeing some pretty cool stuff going on! I kind of liken it to watching fish in a bowl but the ants have a sense of purpose.

I took 2 pictures so you can see what is going on in the little habitat...the top one is regular light (easier to see the ants that way) and the bottom one is at night with the really cool X-Files like glow! See all of those little clear balls at the top? That's the gel they have been removing as they have been tunneling. They have attached them very neatly up the sides of the wall (nothing haphazard). It also appears that they work in shifts because sometimes I will look in and a few are working and the others are all together not moving. I know....I'm a little nuts...but REALLY...they are really neat!

Speaking of neat....I want to share another file I finished and uploaded to the store. This one is called Coffee & Friends. I was going through some photos and came across a group of us sitting around the table after a fun dinner enjoying some laughs and some brew. It made me think that so many of us have times we meet with our pals and it would be a great accent to a page with a pic and journaling. I have another one in the works but for "Family" and will share one I finish test cutting and take a picture.

Ok...well, I guess I better log out and get myself up to bed. Hope you are all enjoying the ants as much as I am!


PS: Oh yes....I almost forgot....the correct answer? I had my blade out too far!!! For goodness sakes! I told you it was a beginner error. I thought that as the chipboard was thicker I would have to extend the blade way further out but what ended up happening is that it kept cutting through and then dragging on my mat and therefore getting caught up in the chipboard and not cutting....TOTAL user error...dear KNK I'm sorry I ever blamed you! ROFLOL!!!


Millie said...

Woohooo, I have been radomized....Eddita, I don't know for sure what you need, but my email is I have a KNK XL. Do you need more???? Thanks, and I would never have suspected the blade out too far LOL

britta said...

wow D-you are getting excited ove ants? Sheesh that is almost as bad as Chuck and his weather station!
(but I will say the lights DO look cool and Cam will enjoy checking them out for sure!)

Love you!

Accents By Eddita said...

Millie, as soon as the file is done I will send you the KNK version :)

Britta...Ants are VERY cool LOL! I know..I'm a geek ROFLOL! Glad to see you are up and blogging again!

Eddita :)