Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Guess what arrived in my email at 3:26 am?!!

Ok, first of all...who is UP at 3:26 am??...Now if I had asked 4:30 am Tu-Fri then the answer would be me but 3:26am?

Any guesses? The answer is Sue (aka baracudasue)! She was dying from sinus issues and barely standing on her own to feet but she put all of that aside (the trooper that she is) and still managed to create 9 similar but distinctive card fronts in about an hour with my latest 9 patch shuffle file.

Here is a pic of her finished card fronts. It took her only about an hour to complete ALL 9 card fronts and I must say I really liked how it turned out as much as she did. Of course I'm partial to the colors LOL!

She admitted to a couple of small boo boos but as I'm not going to point them out to you, you will never know where they are LOL!

As I said before, this will probably end up being my Christmas Card fronts...just got to get out to the store and pick 9 pages of 12x12 holiday themed papers and I will be able to make a good number of cards!

I also just finished uploading my latest DIGI file called the Cheerful Little Whale Digi.

If you are interested in this cute file, which includes 3 separate sayings, just get over to the store as I have it on sale for 1 week only for 40% off.

It includes additional little pieces to help your final piece pop off the page and will be sure to bring a smile to the recipient.

Well, I'm off to get dinner going...Hope all is well with everyone and until next time!
Eddita :)


debenj said...

Thst file is growing on me and love the papers Sue used on all her card fronts. Thumbs up to both of you :)

Sinus problems... ugh! I can hardly sit at the computer lately due to the migrain headache (which has been with me for the past couple weeks) This is one bad year!!!

Sue aka barracudasue said...

Let me explain WHY I was up at that time of the AM! I worked 4 PM to midnight EST, got home, visited with DH for a bit (he ALWAYS waits up for me when I work nights ... awwwwww) and then, I started in on the nine piece shuffle card front. By the time I got it done, took a picture, got it in photoshop to edit it, and got on line to send it to you (Eddita), it was 3:26 AM EST! So THAT'S why I was still up shortly before you got up to go to work. ROFLOL

Deb, grab that design and get to making these. It's amazing and so FUN to do. Just don't cough on the little pieces or you'll end up messing it up! That's what happened to mine. It's only three but I can see it....hopefully no one else can. Going to the Gallery now to put it up there. I got another one done in pastel watercolors so...

Thanks, Eddita for featuring it on your blog. ;)

Accents By Eddita said...

Sue, I hope you feel better. I know how yucky it is when you are congested.

Now as far as your little boo boos I can't really tell and in any case, ONLY God is perfect, our cards don't have to be :)