Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not a Lazy Sunday!

Today is going to be a nice day and while I normally enjoy relaxing on Sundays, I have a big project in my basement LOL! Hubby purchased me a wonderful rolling shelving system so that I can "organize" my crafting area and find what I am looking for. He said it would make my life much easier but I really think he just doesn't like looking at the mess LOL! I agree but boy oh boy it's going to be a busy day!

The problem is that it's not just my crafty stuff in the area but boxes of "stuff" that I haven't looked at in years. I actually started on it last night and ended up with 1 big ol stuffed bag of trash (tell me why I had old joanne's flyers and junk I don't need saved?!) as well as boxes of good condition items to go to Goodwill on Monday. I would love to finish all by the end of the day, but this is going to be an ongoing project. My goal would be to get everything I don't need or use gone, and eventually have a nice crafting area set up. But FIRST I have to put the hard work in (yea!!!)

I also wanted to share with you a cute card that Jan (otherwise known as jlwclanfam) created with my Awards Ribbons File, currently available only in my QMC).

I think she really did a great job! This is what she says about this cute card:

"if you look closely, the back part of the ribbon is dark blue foil, then gold, then frosted blue, then the #1 is on gold vellum!! And I made the Father's day banner from Heritage Labels from Jen Adkins"

I really love the foil paper, but then again you all know I love anything glittery and shiny looking! LOL.

Thank you very much Jan for sharing this with me so I could share with everyone else!

Finally, just a quick note to let you all know that I have uploaded a new file to my QMC called "Funky Fish in Bowl".

This file would look cute on a layout or on the front of a 5"x7" card. The recipient is sure to smile. Here's just a few ideas if you are looking for cute phrases:

Tanks for your help!

You are so finny!

Without you I'm just swimming in circles

The castle's not quite the same without you here

Just want to fish you a Happy Birthday!
argh...just stop me now!

Well time to take the pups out and get back downstairs to the mess! Hope you all have a most wonderful day!

Eddita :)


Elizabeth said...

Awesome, can't wait to see what you have done with the

Caroline said...

love your suggestions for messages LOL

Barracudasue said...

It's going to be a LOT of work but SO worth it! You'll love the end results!

You are TOO funny with the sentiments for your fish bowl design! ROFLOL

Have a good one and be sure to show us your new and improved scrapping area! ;)

Accents By Eddita said...

I am so tired but I keep digging away a little at a time. I'm going through all the boxes and if it's something I can't use, I'm just boxing it and giving away. Finding a lot of old cards and letters along with photographs so it's worth it there if nothing else. I can tell you that I have NO need to buy anything paper related for a LONGGGGGG time LOL!