Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm not much for change!

If there is one thing to know about me, it's that I am not someone who likes change. I am very comfortable in my skin, my surroundings and especially my computer programs! I fear the unknown when it comes to learning new programs, which I know intellectually is silly, because once I play with them and use them enough I'm's just the initial problems and the time it takes to work through them that bothers me.

Where is this going? Well, DH has been working on getting all the computers here at home ready to convert to Windows 7. While I will begrudgingly admit that it looks way cool (especially how the media center works - where everything on the system in in one place so you don't have to hunt all over the computer for pictures, movies, music, etc), I'm worried about all of my "extra" programs and how hard it will be to get everything to work on the new system. When we upgraded last time to Windows XP, I had problems with a number of programs like my "PE-design" and the time it took to work it through and reload everything was quite a headache (and time down!)
I'm keeping my fingers crossed this goes better!

I have been busy and just this week posted my latest file to the store as well as a You-Tube how to assemble video. It is called the Nine Patch Shuffle and I based it on quilts I have made in the past.

The neat thing about it is that while you can make 1 accent and use up some of your scraps, if you invest a little more time and shuffle the paper you will end up with 9 finished accents in no time!

This may be the way I'm going to make Christmas cards this year. Just by picking 9 holiday patterened paper, I will be able to make one of a kind cards that look involved but are in the end super fast and easy to make!

What else...oh yes...for those of you who are members of my QMC I have just uploaded the latest file. It is called "Award Ribbons".

When I designed this file I wanted to give everyone options and therefore made all of the pieces interchangeable.

These would look great on sports events and honor pages as well as accents for your "World's Greatest (you fill in the blank)" cards. What a great use for those photos your loved ones winning certificates and trophies,
While it will eventually get to the store, right now you can only find it in my QMC. Not a member? Just click on the picture in the left column and join up!

Well finally, tomorrow is Mother's Day and I want to wish every Mom out there a relaxing day!

Until next time!
Eddita :)


Ginger (Games) said...

Well I'm not a mom But I know you are. So, Happy Mothers Day Edita!

Accents By Eddita said...

Thanks Ginger, but you are a mom too! I know all of your 4 legged wonders appreciate and love you not just on Mother's Day but every day!

Eddita :)

Caroline said...

Happy Mother's Day Eddita. I feel the same way about computer programs. I was very happy with win95, then had to upgrade to Win98. I was comfortable with that and then WinXP came along. I resisted Vista (thank goodness) and will wait for a new computer before I tackle Windows 7! so that could be a while LOL If I upgrade now, I will need new cables just to work my KNK, not to mention my other programs that may not work anymore. Just too much trouble!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Eddita! We just purchased Windows 7 and waiting for my KNK cord to arrive so . . . I'm scared and dread getting everything set up again.


Sue aka barracudasue said...

I was so busy watching the slide show for the membership club that it took me forever to read your blog. ROFLOL I love it. Looking for that next sneak peak. :)

I'm all for change. I'm not saying I'm smart or anything but I LOVE learning new things. Funtime has me baffled but I AM learning. That's a plus at pushing 60! (You know, I type that number and think "no I'm NOT". LOL) MY DH had me try Mozilla Foxfire and it's the best there is. I HATE IE. I just DO. Mozilla has SO many more capabilities than IE and the learning curve is NADA.

I am SO pleased that I joined your membership. Are you going to do more? I love your style and generosity. You're SO sweet and FUNNY!

And, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, my friend!

Shirley, how can you be anonymous when you sign your comment? ROFLOL

Accents By Eddita said...

See...birds of a feather LOL!

Since we are not going to be running Windows 7 with 64 bit then I don't need another cable for my KNK. I do have a patch saved that I saw on PT for Robomaster and since no one has said they have needed one for the other programs (KNK, Funtime, etc) I'm hoping I'm good.

Since DH is the computer guru for here and at home I'm trusting him...but if all of a sudden I know why bahahaha!

Accents By Eddita said...

LOL...I meant that DH is the computer guru here and at work....kinda made me sound like I had a double life when I said here and at home hehehe