Sunday, May 2, 2010

Matchbook Pocket Gift Card Holder (Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation!)

If you have trouble finding the perfect present, perhaps you have found yourself doing what I do, buying a gift card to the recipients’ favorite store instead!

Instead of just putting it in an envelope, this file is the perfect presentation for your gift!

It doesn't take too long to put together and with just a little glue and the addition of a couple of brads you will have the perfect holder.

Just in case you need a couple of helpful embellishments for the front, I have included a flower (for Mother’s Day or Any Occasion), a cute tie (for Father’s Day or any other Guy day) and a cute Graduation Cap with Tassel (for your Super Star Student, which you can match to the school colors!).

It closes simply by folding the top over and slipping into the front cover, just like a matchbook! There is a little area on the front of the pocket, as well as a little tabbed card that fits inside the pocket allowing plenty of room for you to write your own special message.

Speaking of the pocket, if you take a look at the picture you might be able to see that it is gusseted in order to fit one of those cute little square candy bars…you know the ones I mean!

Now how do you get it, well for right now it's only available in my Quarterly Membership Club as part of the 20+ files for only $ 10. I will be adding to the store later on but believe me, if you like to save money, the QMC is the way to go! Just click on the image in the top left corner of the page and sign up!

Take care!
Eddita :)

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Barracudasue said...

You're a genius, Eddita. What a great idea. SO happy I joined the membership! :)