Sunday, October 2, 2011

3 frustrating hours later my machine is calibrated!

My fondest memories of childhood are those of my Mom reading us the annotated Alice in Wonderland. It was a large and heavy book and it took some time for her to finally read it all to us.

The part that I always loved was when the Queen of Hearts gives Alice a Flamingo to use as a croquet mallot. From that time forward, I have always loved those birds whose legs seem so very fragile.

As I was thinking about my Mom and her storytelling I started working on a cutting file of a flamingo, but because of the legs are so thin comparative to the body, I ended up opting to create a digi file and this is where my 3 frustrating hours came into play!

When I originally purchased my KNK Maxx, I remember calibrating it and from that time on never had a problem with print and cuts. When I went to cut out this file however, I was WAAAYYYY off and couldn't figure out what was wrong until I opened the manual (when in doubt always pull it out). I started reading it to see what suggestions it had and don't you know it, in reviewing, it suggests you write down your settings in case you ever have a problem with the software. That's when it hit me, I had had a problem and had to reinstall and as such all of my settings were lost. Now did I write down my previous settings? Of course not...I mean that would be logical right?!

So to make a long story even longer...after numerous attempts (3 hours worth!) I finally got the whole enchilada calibrated and working so that I could finish working on my file. What is the moral of the story? For all of you Maxx owners who have already gone through the trouble of calibrating your plotting settings for print and cuts if you have not done so already, make sure you go look at what you have it set at and write it down in your book to avoid what I went through. PHEW!

In any event I think the hard work was worth it and I hope you will too when you see my Pretty Pink Flamingo Digi File (EC00207) in the store. I provided 3 separate stamps and the info on sizing is in the description. You can add embellishments to your finished item to make it fit a specific occasion if you want (like the little party hat in my birthday card pictured).

Well, thank goodness everything worked out and thanks to my Mom for inspiring this cute file.

Have fun!


Michelle Hessler said... shouldn't be that frustrating to calibrate it :) I'm sorry you had such problems.

Barracudasue said...

Sorry about your frustration but thrilled you got it done! :)

Accents By Eddita said...

you know it wouldn't have taken me so long if I was better at math and reading LOL! I kept getting confused about which way my "X" line and "Y" lines were going and how much (in teeny tiny increments) I needed to reduce or enlarge. I also think I resized my arrow shapes at some point because I ended up scrapping everything and starting from scratch! It's good practice though and at least that's done and over with!

Eddita :)