Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall is in the Air!

Hubby and I haven't been anywhere for awhile and so we packed up all of the dogs and took a few days off and went to the mountains. Previously we had always had the 3 of them crated but this time, while G-Pup still had to ride in one (kind of hard to get a cat who thinks he's a dog to sit still) we tried the "Pet Hammock" and halters for Toby and Daisy. They LOVED it! It really did a good job of keeping their hair off of the seats as well as any footprints. We weren't sure about it at first but no problems with them at all.

Here is the motley crew right before we left:

The drive up was lovely and we got to see the leaves starting to change...what a nice time. We also got in some good relaxing and actually went to a store that had a self guided glass blowing tour. LOTS of rain though the last couple of days and while we thought it would be nice driving up at the higher elevations, it was more like a Stephen King scary fog movie. We couldn't even see 5 feet in front of us and tractor trailers were speeding at us in the opposite direction! We were very glad to be back at the hotel after that.

Once we got back I sat down and finished up a file that was half done when I left. It is an "ll Occasion Magic Window Card" and is now available in the store (here is the link: EC00210) in all formats and as I am a visual learner, I created an instructions video and uploaded to YouTube so you can all see how easy it is to put together.

This file is currently my Featured Product and will be 35% off through the end of the month! If you are interested, now is the time to get it.

If the instructions are not clear and you need a little extra help, please don't hesitate to drop me a line at

I am currently working on some other new files which I hope to have up shortly. Until next time!

Eddita :)

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