Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Vacations - Road Trip

I added a new file to the featured window on the left called Road Trip! With summer here a lot of people are still gathering their family together and hitting the highways for their vacation.

When I was growing up, as my Dad was a firefighter, he would work a revolving schedule (3 day rotations). Every other year however he would get a full 30 days off for vacation. It was during those times that we would drive to Mexico to visit my Mom's family from up here near the Nation's Capital.

I looked forward to those trips! My mother knowing how kids attention span is limited, would in advance set aside shoeboxes and during the year purchase small (identical) little gifts for us. Each one of these she would gift wrap until the box was full of cool stuff. Everyday we were good and didn't whine and complain she would allow us to open our wonderful box and pick one package to unwrap.

It would be full of really neat stuff! Let's see how many of you can remember some of the following:

Magnetic Scotty Dogs
Number Slide Puzzle
2 piece wire puzzles
Flip Books
Pez Dispensers
Pez Refills
Little Round Maze Puzzle (it would have a little ball that you would roll around and have land on the right spot)

We also had road bingo boards, Magnetic Face Boards with the metal filings where you could drop shavings to make beards, eyebrows etc) and Silly Putty.

OH....and WE SANG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I grew up learning all of the patriotic songs from my Dad as well as the fun ones like She'll be coming 'round the mountain...and Froggy went a Courtin...I still know them all by heart.

The file also reminds me of the way the car was loaded up...I'm sure your cars were as well!

Hope you enjoy!
Eddita :)

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post so much Eddita! Thanks for sharing! Love you file too!