Friday, September 18, 2009

Catching Up!

Boy after being away for a week I have been pretty busy catching up with things, doing some more SVG c0nversions, creating files and taking classes...what classes you ask....well only after (and if) I pass will I share with you ;)

Now, before I forget, since school is back and we are looking at football games starting again, I have a special coupon code for you guys whose kids Cheer the team on. On sale for 3 days only (that's from now until 21 September) you can get my "Cheertastic Collection" for 50% Off! That's a great deal!

Just take a look at the 4 great files you get and at a price you can't beat! So if you're ready, just click on this link to get to the store and once you add it to your cart, all you have to do is enter the following code: EC_0909_23851

The best part is that this file (as well as all of the individual ones that make it up) are all available in the SVG format. You can go ahead and purchase and all I ask is that you send me a copy of your receipt (to and I will send you the files right back...can't get much easier than that!

Also if you want to plan ahead a little I will be having another full store sale where all of my files will be 30% off from September 24th - 29th AND a final coupon code for a very cute special file...which one is it...hmmmm I'll give you a's what people tell you to say when they are going to take your picture....hehehe.

Finally, I put a quick note on the Forum announcing my latest file. In case you missed it, here it is. It is called Postage Stamp Frames 2 Ways.

I thought to myself how great it would be to incorporate this idea into your card making and layout pages! This file comes to you 2 ways: First as an overlay so all you need to do is cut the frame you want out…how easy is that?!

Second, it comes as a pieced file so you have one background to which you can cut your photos or stamp little words or phrases on the little block and simply attach to the top. I thought it would be nice to offer both options so you can decide which way you prefer.

You have lots of choices on the sheets and the files are very easy to resize if you need to. You can even cut a couple out to make it appear as if you have torn them off a sheet...

I even used one with my new puppy to show his pic in the top area and then used the area below as a journaling block. Check out how I added the USA 44 on th image so it looks like a regular stamp...just think how cute it would be with a picture of your favorite people or pets! The neat thing is that you can play with it all you want and make it your own and unique. Resize to make as large as you want and can even reduce slightly. I think that's about it for now and I hope you are all going to have a wonderful weekend (I know I will!) and check back for the news and updates including some fun new files I have been working on!

As always, if you see a file in the store you like, go ahead and purchase it (doesn't matter which one) and send me a copy of the receipt and I will get it right out to you so you don't have to wait for them to appear as available in the store. Michelle is working really hard at uploading all of the files we have been converting, but it's quite a task as I'm sure you can imagine!

Until next time!
Eddita :)

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