Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guess What?!!!

I'm having a sale! But guess what more! I didn't even recall I was having one LOL!

I was checking out My Files to see if I had remembered to upload a file when I saw a great big red line through all of my prices! I had to look at my calendar to see that YES sale starts TODAY and runs through the 29th, so if you have a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket, why not come and take a look at what's available for 30% Off!

Remember is you need an SVG version of any of my files, go ahead and purchase and send me a copy of your receipt and I will send the file to you directly via email. I'm pretty well on my way to having everything done so it's just a matter of getting them uploaded.

I have been pretty busy getting new files up in the store and wanted to share a couple more with you:

The first is my Halloween Cauldron with Skulls which started out as a journaling block but then I got to thinking it could also be used as a photo frame by simply using the center oval as a template to cut out your favorite little trick or treating photo. I love when I start with one thing in mind and end up with a bunch of other options!

You can even enlarge one of the skulls and use it as an embellishment on a page or on the front of a scary Halloween Party Invitation, or how making a skull extra large and putting it in your windows or on your door?

The second file was inspired by all of the great homecoming and fancy holiday dresses that are showing up in the store! It's that time when couples go to dances and I wanted to create something that would be a great place to journal about the event (or even a picture frame)! You tell me if you like it!

Work has been going well, but after 10 hours there, the last think I really want to do is sit down on the computer...but a gal has to do....

We're looking at doing another camping trip sometime next month before the weather gets too cold and we freeze in the woods...this last trip I thought for sure I had lost one of the a second? Here is a quick story:

On the last night we were camping, the temperature dipped down into the 40's. Now picture if you will a nice size tent (about 12 x 12) a king size air mattress, a quilt on top of that, and both DH and I have our own sleeping bags on top of us to keep warm (We both hate being confined inside). The dogs are curled up with each other at the foot of the bed and Guiness in a little carrier. Anyway, it's pretty cold and I take him out of the carrier and put him under the bag to keep warm and then I call my Daisy Pup and she comes up on my right side....yummmm...getting warmer but heck, we still have one dog and so I call him....Toby....TOOOBBBYYY...(now I'm getting a little worried) TOOOOOOBBBBYYYYYY! No movement. I reach down with my toe and prod him a little and call his name....Nothing! DH (who I have woken up by now) calls him and invites him up on the mattress...I'm looking at the dog and the first thing that flashes by is "OMG...the dog is dead! He froze...this is a horrible camping trip....etc etc.

DH sees no movement and actually gets up (what a concept) and gets a hold of Toby's collar and moves him and there you see Toby's bassett looking face go "Huh?? You were calling?" He then does get up on the mattress and things are right in the world again...even though DH thought it was funny, I really thought something bad had happened!

Now this picture I'm sharing is not the frozen morning, but another one where it was early (around 6:30) and everyone was still asleep. I was reading one of my novels when I looked down and saw everyone so I took a pic...if this blog had sound o vision you would be able to hear all of the snoring (Toby's of course) as well as Guiness' purring!

Enough rambling for the night....I'm hoping to have a freebie for you all in the next few days so make sure you come back and check for it.

Have a great night everyone!


Caroline said...

sounds like fun ..... NOT!! but glad that everyone and everything survived the night LOL cheers, caz

Accents By Eddita said... are not a "great outdoors woman?" LOL!

I'm glad we all survived too...nothing like a frozen dog to bring the party to a halt!