Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm Back needing a Vacation from my Vacation!

Not really, but there always is a ton to do when one gets back that sometimes it feels like you need another vacation just to relax again!

Hi Everyone! Well after a week away I made it through another relaxing camping trip! I read 3 novels + 2 quickie Harlequin romances (which I found in the bath-house library LOL!), got eaten up by every insect known to man, burned my thumb and still found the time to laugh :)

We went to a lovely campground in Romney, WVA and set up our tent in a very picture perfect area of the campground (the rustic area of course!) where we had great views of the river and got to watch the train go by as well as listen to the herds of cows talk to each other. I even caught a glimpse of beavers swimming around! While it rained a couple of nights, because we were sheltered a bit under the trees, and the tent has a great awning, we were all comfy cozy and dry! As always we took the dogs including the new guy!

This is the first time that Guiness ventured out on his little kitty harness and I can say without a doubt, he was the best behaved "dog" of the 3! For the most part when we walked the dogs he rode on my shoulder but he would give off a little meow to let me know when he wanted to walk with the rest of the "pack". It was really funny to see him running just to keep up with Daisy and Toby, but he did.

Normally after we would get back from the walks there was an order to things....First, they would all get a drink from the water bowl and then Second, they would ALL collapse!

This of course would continue to be the case until day 3 when Guiness discovered how comfortable the water bowl actually was and took it over as his own personal lounge bowl. Good thing we had taken plenty of dog bowls with us so we had no trouble keeping them watered.

While I was away I did a lot of sketching of what was going on and came back with my new "Primitive Camping Collection" which I will be sharing with you in the next couple of days. I have just finished test cutting the files and I think there will be a little bit of everything for everyone!

Speaking of files, for you KNK users, did you see that Ileana is hosting a KNK Elements Swap?! I know I have mentioned this in the past, but this is a perfect way for you beginners as well as 'ol Pros to design a file and share it with others. The nice thing is that you will receive a bunch of free files for you to add to your ever growing collection!

I can't resist and have sent in my file. Here is what it looks like and if you are interested in having it all you have to do is sign up and send your masterpiece in before the 19 September midnight deadline!

Just click here for the link to the Paperthreads Forum where you too can sign up!

I'm still working through my SVG conversions and thanks to the last sale, got a number done! As always, if you see a file of mine that you need in this format, go ahead and purchase, send me a copy of the receipt and I will convert and send right back to you!

I'm working on a freebie for this week, so make sure you check back!

Eddita :)


Lori McDonald said...

Oh I am sooo loving the sacked out photo!!! Tooo cute!!!


Renae said...

I love the kitten in the bowl. It is award winning! His feet are HUGE!

Accents By Eddita said...

Thanks gals! He is one spoiled puppy I must say! Ranae...his feet are Huge! My friend came over tonight after work and made the same have to remember in the pic he is 9 weeks old so he has a lot of growing into to do LOL!