Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just a quick note!

September has started and I know we are all so busy getting kids ready to get off to school that I thought how quickly they all turn from caterpillers into busy butterflys just flitting from here to there.

I remember I have a cute file that would look great on a page showing how your children are growing up so from now until September 8th, I am sharing a coupon code with you for 50% off my Butterfly Kisses file!

You can find the file right here and if you enter the following coupon it's a deal you can't beat!

Additionally, if you recall a couple of posts ago I mentioned that my daughter had started her culinary program.
To honor her and what is going to be a lot of hard work and dedication, for the month of September my "Batter Up Children Baking" file is on sale for 50% off so you only pay $ 1.50!
No coupon code needed!

I know all of you have pics of your kids (both young and older) helping you out in the kitchen. The nice thing about this file is that both the boy and girl versions are included!

For those of you wanting the SVG version, I have great news: I have converted them (yea!) so all is good. Should you have any problems just send me an email ( and I will send out to you!
Well everyone that's about it for now, it's almost 9pm which means bedtime! LOL!
Make sure you check back for special announcements, sales and coupon codes for the month!
Take care!

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