Saturday, September 5, 2009

My First Sale in what seems like Forever!!!

Now that life is back on track, just wanted to let you know that ALL of my files are on sale for 40% off! For those of you who use .SVG, while I do have some converted, if you email me a copy of your receipt I will take care of it right away and send out to you.

I will only have internet until Sunday night and then I will be back on Saturday, so if you need the file sooner than later...don't delay!

What else...oh yes...well, it's official, the G-Pup is a....drumroll please....boy!!!

He checked out well and is 9 weeks old (which is what we knew). We decided to make his birthday the 4th of July since it is easiest for us to remember. He got his first distemper shot and poor little guy was passed out for most of the afternoon. I don't think he was feeling too good but this morning I heard a rusting sound by my bed and there he was zooming all over the place so he is back to being his old (if you can consider 9 weeks as old) kitten self!

He goes back again in 3 weeks for his 2nd distemper and then at 4 months for the little snip which causes grown men around the world to cross their legs and groan!

I guess that's all and I'm not sure that I shared before, but as it is Back to School time, here is
the cute file I created for this time of year. Pick any colors you like for the backpack and lettering.

You can also write the date on the apple or even marquee select it and enlarge it to use as your journaling block. Hope you can all get some use for it and at 40% off how can you pass it up?!

You can find Back to School Backpack here :)

Well everyone I guess that's about it and enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Eddita,
I hope this is where we leave comments for the big sale drawing. It was the only place I could find! Thanks for sharing,