Monday, October 27, 2008's getting cold out there!

Quite a difference from last week I must say. It was nicer and I could still get away with wearing my light however, it feels like it's getting ready to snow out there!

I'm really not quite ready for that though we spent our day trimming bushes and clearing out the tomato plants. We still have a few things we need to finish up in the back before we can officially say we are done, but they are going to have to wait a little longer.

When we were trimming the pines outside it really got me thinking about Christmas...I know it's still a couple of months away, but after Thanksgiving, it is my favorite time of year! Christmas trees, Mistletoe, Church Services, Family and FOOD!! I can't wait.

This year is going to be pretty low key for us given the current economic situation so we are most likely going to be giving out some gift cards or money to the kids. I started to think of ways to dress the cards up and came up with a few gift card holder options.

The first one is this really cute purse giftcard holder. Super simple to put together and I can embellish it any which way I want. Since it can also stand up on it's own, I know it will be just perfect for the girls.

For the guys I came up with this briefcase giftcard holder. Again, no issues on time as it also is super easy and fast. I added faux stitching so it looked like it had been sewn. This would be great for Men as well as for students. Both of these files are currently in the store.

I do have a couple more I am finishing up geared more toward the teenage group and as soon as I'm done I will share here with you.

Since we haven't yet won the lottery, tomorrow is a normal workday for us...up early (5am) and to work by 6....I guess I better pack up my food for tomorrow.

Talk to you soon!
Eddita :)

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