Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ready for a Party??

I am playing a bingo game on at one of my favorite forums and this month the theme is "outside of the scrapbook". The idea is to find unique ways to use our cutter other than for scrapbooking layouts (and cards).

Every day or so, the wonderful Jan will call a word and the first person to post a picture of an example of the word wins a neat prize. The other day she called T-Shirt Transfers and I was the first to post a picture of a really neat shirt I made using brown flock and a nifty little bird flourish I had designed. Woo Hoo!

Today's word was Party Decorations and it reminded me that I had made a really nice little file that would be perfect! 3-Dimensional Party streamers!

A lot of times I think inside the box, but every so often I like to think outside and this is a good example. Depending on how large you pull on the corner to resize before you cut out, the streamer will be very long, or very short.

I have hung them from the ceilings as well as in the doorways. When finished, if you like to be green, you can very easily store them away until next time. All it takes is a piece of lightweight scrapbooking paper and a thumbtack or piece of tape to hold one end in place.

Here is the link if you are interested in the file! Let me know what you think!


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